Breath of the Wild player takes out a Guardian with the most incredible trick shot

Breath of the Wild
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A The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild player has pulled off an incredible trick shot to take out a Guardian stalker with an arrow from over 1400m away. 

The impressive shot was pulled off by Twitter user @smaho_neko, who posted a video that shows the entire process behind its execution on YouTube. As you can see in the clip, smaho_neko shoots out an arrow from what looks like the Temple of Time while shield surfacing, and then proceeds to follow its course until it hits its mark and one-shots the Guardian Stalker. 

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In order to follow the arrow after it's fired, they bounce off of an enemy below, which sends them soaring into the air. Then the camera follows Link as he glides along with the arrow and sees it take out the Guardian from the air. It's quite a shot to watch unfold, and it's made all the more incredible when you think about all of the planning and precision needed to make such a shot possible. 

@smaho_neko explains that they measured the distance using the Bird-Man Research Study flying machine, which can be found on the top of Ridgeland Tower. Also making use of the Moon Jump exploit, the recount of how the shot was pulled off just goes to show how inventive and creative Breath of the Wild players still are, and further demonstrates just what's possible in-game if you have the know-how. 

It's been almost four years since Breath of the Wild released on Switch, but we're still seeing players make use of its world in some incredibly inventive and impressive ways. Recently, for example, a modder created a Mario Kart track for Link to race through, while another player managed to beat the game without walking. Seeing such feats in-game makes us all the more excited for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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