Someone beat Breath of the Wild without walking once, because reasons

Someone completed the entirety of Breath of the Wild's main quest without making Link take a single step.

YouTuber PointCrow permitted himself to swim, jump forwards and backwards, and otherwise reach and destroy Ganon using any tool at Link's disposal except for his ability to walk and run. I've seen some ridiculous things in my time, like someone spending 140 hours beating Pokemon Platinum without taking a hit, but this might just take the crown.

Naturally, the streamer didn't go the traditional route of clearing the four divine beasts before taking on Ganon, instead taking a popular b-line route straight to the big baddie. Even so, beating the game without walking required clever usage of tools and items, plenty of dying, and an extraordinary will to accomplish something no one had thought to try.

As you might expect, the paraglider came in handy for traveling large sections of land, as did shields and wind bombs. Majora's Mask was used to avoid detection and Phantom armor for better attack power. Even so, the valiant PointCrow was left staring down the dreaded Game Over screen more than a few times.

The final showdown is something to behold, as PointCrow skips his way through the several phases of enemy before reaching Ganon. After triumphing over the final boss's first form, the streamer does something truly unthinkable and ditches his horse before the Dark Beast Ganon fight - no shortcuts here, folks.

Nonetheless, PointCrow prevails the only way he knows how: hopping around, timing his shots, and being incredibly patient. My pointy green hat's off to you, sir.

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