The new Breaking Bad movie trailer is here – with a first look at Jesse post-finale

Breaking Bad movie
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Yeah, bitch! The new El Camino, AKA the Breaking Bad movie, trailer has arrived. As shown during a commercial break at last night’s Emmys, we’ve got our first glimpse at Jesse Pinkman post-season 5 finale, as well as some possible clues that have already sprung several fan theories regarding whether Walter White/Heisenberg is still alive.

At first glance, you might not even realise it’s a trailer for the Breaking Bad movie. It’s dark, for one thing, at odds with the blue skies and golden deserts of the trademark Albuquerque landscape that featured so prominently in the show’s run.

Then we see Jesse, draped in a leather jacket and smoking a cigarette, tears forming in his eyes. It’s clear he still hasn’t gotten over the events of “Felina”, the final episode of Breaking Bad, which saw the former meth cook escape the clutches of Jack and his band of Neo-Nazis with a little help from Walt and his remote-control machine gun.

The radio suddenly crackles into life – and it’s here where speculation about Walt’s fate begins. The breaking news announcement describes “a scene with multiple victims” and “hundreds of gunshots fired.” Sound familiar?

Nine are named dead in the report, and Heisenberg wasn’t specifically mentioned, despite being at the centre of a nationwide manhunt. That already has some rushing back to Netflix to double count how many were bumped off in the finale’s closing act.

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Unfortunately for those Heisenberg truthers, you’re likely to come to a count of eight Neo-Nazis, plus Walt, which makes nine. Even if he doesn’t survive, this Breaking Bad movie trailer suggests that Jesse is still haunted by Walt’s actions that night, as well as his months-long captivity.

Those still clinging on to hope that Bryan Cranston’s character may have lived won’t have to wait long to discover his fate. El Camino: A Breaking Bad movie airs on Netflix on October 11.

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