Hellblade makers' next game is a 4v4 brawler named Bleeding Edge, according to this leak

The E3 2019 leaks are plentiful this year, and it looks like the latest one to add to the list is Bleeding Edge, the next game from Microsoft-owned studio Ninja Theory. If you can't wait for the Microsoft Xbox E3 2019 presentation scheduled for this Sunday in the E3 2019 schedule, you can get an early look at the gameplay reveal via a silent, off-camera recording of the Bleeding Edge trailer.

This leak comes to us courtesy of Swedish site Xboxer, with the footage reuploaded by Polygon. While the video doesn't have any sound and is decidedly shaky-cam quality, it still gives us a good look at what to expect from Bleeding Edge. This is a 4v4 brawler starring a colorful cast of combatants, with a focus on melee combat in spacious arenas. Ninja Theory perfected its brand of fast-paced combat with DmC: Devil May Cry, so you'll be happy to know that DmC's combat director Rahni Tucker is taking the reins on Bleeding Edge.

Stylistically, Bleeding Edge is quite the departure from Ninja Theory's last game, Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, which is much more solemn and introspective. But Bleeding Edge is looking like good fun already, featuring a roster full of distinct fighters with unique silhouettes and diverse body types. If you can parse the quick cuts of the chaotic gameplay, you can get a sense for the kinds of ridiculousness to expect: turning into a motorcycle mid-combo, summoning a giant mech with a mascot head, and sword-slashing some poor sap into the path of a literal Hype Train. Bleeding Edge strikes me as the spiritual successor to cult-favorite games like Super Monday Night Combat and Anarchy Reigns, with a smidge of Sunset Overdrive for the wild aesthetic.

If you can't catch all ten character names as quick as they go by, here's a full list (by my best estimation, given the big ol' watermark in the way): Daemon, Makuta, Buttercup, Nidhoggr, Kulev, Gizmo, Miko, Maeve, Zero Cool, and El Bastardo. The trailer ends with a shoutout to a Technical Alpha starting June 27, so expect signups to open up soon after Bleeding Edge makes its official debut. We already knew that Microsoft will have 14 first-party Xbox games to show at E3 this year, so Bleeding Edge should be in good company. Make sure to tune in and watch the Microsoft press conference in full starting Sunday, June 9 at 13:00 PT / 16:00 ET / 21:00 BST.

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