Blacktail is a creepy first-person adventure from a team of horror veterans

Blacktail is a new first-person adventure game based on the mythical Baba Yaga, and it's coming to PC and new-gen consoles.

Revealed during IGN's Summer of Gaming showcase, Blacktail stars a young Baba Yaga who's been branded a witch and an outcast. Its reveal trailer opens with some storybook narration but swiftly fades into grittier first-person gameplay with a focus on archery. IGN reports that combat is built around a bow as well as a gauntlet, with a mysterious voice beckoning the Baba Yaga to take up arms and pursue (and perhaps protect) missing children, presumably in the woods. 

The Baba Yaga is a creature of Slavic folklore described as a hideous old woman who often lives in forests and may help or attack passersby – a fickle witch, put simply. Blacktail developer The Parasight says its main goal is to "create games based on folk and fairy tales, give them a modern twist, and go beyond cliches" and the Baba Yaga depicted in Blacktail certainly fits the bill. It seems that our choices in the story will shape her future and reputation, highlighting a story-driven bend not stressed in the more action-packed reveal trailer.  

Interestingly, The Parasight was founded in part by former developers of horror games such as Layers of Fear, Layers of Fear 2, Blair Witch, Observer, and The Medium. The aesthetic and subject matter of Blacktail certainly pushes it into horror territory, and judging from the folks behind it, the overall experience may be a scary one too. 

"In our projects, we strive to achieve a state of a perfect balance between enjoyable gameplay and a rich narrative experience," The Parasight's website reads. "We believe that story and mechanics don’t have to compete for the players' attention. Combined, they can make their adventure even more vibrant and exciting." 

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