Mortal Shell: The Virtuous Cycle DLC teases transforming weapons in reveal trailer

Mortal Shell is getting DLC called The Virtuous Cycle.

The folks at developer Cold Symmetry announced the DLC at IGN's Summer of Gaming showcase earlier today. The short reveal trailer shows our main character cleaving through undead soldiers with a silver weapon that can seemingly swap between a spear form, an axe form, and twin swords. Mortal Shell has always been about changing your Shell to try out different fighting styles, and it looks the Virtuous Cycle will apply that to weapons more directly as well. 

Cold Symmetry's description of The Virtuous Cycle was as brief as its trailer. The studio confirmed that the DLC is coming to all platforms this summer, but that was about it. I'd wager we'll head to a new area and face some new bosses, but what those will be like is anyone's guess. Based on the base game, I would put my money on harrowing. That said, the updated list of target platforms does notably include PS5 and Xbox Series X, which received new-gen graphical updates for Mortal Shell earlier this year, as well as Steam for PC users now that Mortal Shell's Epic Games Store exclusivity is nearing its end. 

Mortal Shell was received well and favorably described by many as a spirited boss rush all its own, and a worthy homage to FromSoftware's action-RPGs, which Cold Symmetry were quick to highlight as an inspiration. However, it did run into one fairly common complaint: it's a bit short. Not in a disappointing kind of way, but in a 'Dang, I still wanted more' kind of way. So in that sense, it's nice to see Mortal Shell getting DLC so soon. The game's one-year anniversary is coming up fast on August 18, so perhaps The Virtuous Cycle will arrive around the same time. 

We're getting into the busiest part of the E3 2021 schedule and reveals are picking up. The FromSoftware-loving devs of Mortal Shell were no-doubt thrilled by the reveal of the Elden Ring release date, as were we – so much so that we whipped up a deep-dive Elden Ring gameplay breakdown for some important details from the new trailer, plus some that weren't in the trailer at all. 

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