Ben Affleck could play Batman across numerous films

Ben Affleck's casting as Batman in Man Of Steel 2 was easily the biggest news of last week, and the doubters had better get used to the idea of seeing Affleck as the Dark Knight for a while.

Heat Vision reports that Affleck has actually signed a contract to play Bruce Wayne across numerous films, with Man Of Steel 2 only the beginning.

The website's sources state that Affleck "has been signed for multiple movies" in the event that further sequels are greenlit. Those sources add that other movies could include another standalone Batman and an appearance in Justice League .

Talking of which, Heat Vision notes that Affleck's deal could see him finally accepting a directing gig on Justice League - a job he apparently turned down earlier this year .

Shooting on Man Of Steel 2 is expected to kick off in February 2014 and wrap in August 2014, which gives Affleck time to film his role in David Fincher's Gone Girl before donning the cowl.

After completing his first stint as Batman, Affleck will then shoot his fourth film as director, prohibition gangster flick Live By Night.

Forget about Batman - Affleck's about to become so busy that we should all start referring to him as Blue-Arsed-Fly Man...

Man Of Steel 2 opens 17 July 2015.

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