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Battlefield 5's current chapter will be its last but DICE says another update is on the way

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Battlefield 5 (opens in new tab)'s current chapter will be its last, though at least one more standalone update coming this summer will expand its current offerings.

A post on the game's official site (opens in new tab) titled "The Future of Battlefield 5", written by senior producer Ryan McArthur, confirms that DICE has no plans to create further seasonal chapters. It most recently launched Chapter 6: Into the Jungle (opens in new tab) in February, which expanded Battlefield 5's selection of battles, combatants, and materiel inspired by World War 2's Pacific Theater.

DICE hasn't said much about the new update currently planned for June, though it did confirm in a response to a fan's question that it will include "new content, weapons, and game tweaks."

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The studio also shared an image of a new map coming in the update, which fans quickly found out is codenamed Libya (opens in new tab). It looks like Battlefield 5 will return to North Africa for what will potentially be its last major update, though it may expand on other regions of the war as well.

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Battlefield 5 came out in November 2018, and its first year was marked by technical issues, balance problems, and delayed content (opens in new tab). The return of fan-favorite map Wake Island in Chapter 5: War in the Pacific (opens in new tab) late last year felt like a turning point for the game and its community, but now we know it was also the start of Battlefield 5's final act.

EA has confirmed that a new Battlefield game is coming to next-gen consoles (opens in new tab) sometime between April 2021 and March 2022, meaning that much of the Battlefield team at DICE is likely busy on that project. McArthur also said the studio is still getting used to working at home in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which could affect its release schedule.

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