Battlefield 4 levolution guide

Lancang Dam

The levolution in this map is rather hard to miss. To the central north of the map, you’ll be able to see a large dam that is already cracking apart near its top. To take the rest of it down, you will need to hit it hard and heavy with all types of rockets, or preferably tank shells and airplane missiles.

It’s not the easiest of levolutions to set off, but for every couple of hits that do damage, you will see rubble fall from the wall and the opening get wider and wider the more it sustains. Eventually, when the dam is near collapse, a siren will blare letting you know it is about to come down. Once the dam has collapsed, it will send a giant pile of rubble crashing down at the base to block the passage there.

Flood Zone

At the north edge of the map, near the half way mark, there is a spot where you can see a small gush of water coming out of the freeway retaining wall. Much like the dam, this wall will take a lot of damage to break, but once it does, look out below!

Hammer on the spot where the water is coming out with rockets, tank rounds, and just about anything that goes boom, and the more you hit it, the more water that will come out. Eventually once you have hit it enough, the wall will break and a flood of water will rush through, flooding the entire area.

Once the water is freed, the map will take on a different feel as most of it will now be flooded and certain routes will be cut off with new ones being opened. Also, there is lots and lots of water. Lots. And. Lots.

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