Battlefield 4 levolution guide

Golmud Railway

The levolution for level this isn’t quite like the others. There’s no real destruction that change paths or create havoc. Instead for this map there is a train in the center that when boarded by a team, it will then begin to move towards that team's base.

It may not seem like much, but having a capture point closer to your base is a huge advantage over the other team. There are also explosive stockpiles scattered around the map that can be detonated via a laptop or just by shooting them. These are usually found near the red blocks on the sides of the roads and can be useful in creating traps for the other team.

Hainan Resort

At the center of this map, there is a hotel that can be found. Although you can’t destroy the entire hotel, you can take down a good portion of it to create some chaos. Each side- the left and right- of the hotel can be taken down when you destroy the walls surrounding the bases.

It doesn’t take much to destroy the walls, but there are quite a few of them to destroy to get the balconies to fall down. Once the sides have been destroyed, the inside of the hotel will change with hallways blocked off and other routes changed, making the path to get to the flag inside altered.

Zavod 311

At the center of this map, there is a large smoke stack in between two large buildings- Manufacturing and Assembly. When you enter the Manufacturing building, along the side wall near a large missile head, there is a laptop on a table in front of some computer monitors.

When you activate the laptop, a timer will start and you will have 3 minutes until an explosion goes off and causes the smoke stack to collapse. The laptop can be turned on and off by multiple players delaying the countdown and making it unknown when it will detonate without looking at the laptop.

There are also crushers inside the Assembly building that can be activated by turning on a generator at the far end of the building. When activating it, it will cause crushers to set off, immediately killing anyone caught underneath them.

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