Battlefield 4 levolution guide

Paracel Storm

For the change on this map, there’s not much that you can do to make it come about. It will happen on its own as the match progresses. Just off the beach, between the carrier base and the island, there is battle ship that is crashed up against a spinning turbine. As the match progresses, a storm will slowly start to roll in and eventually, as the skies darken, the turbine will get hit with lightning and catch fire.

If you like, once the turbine has caught fire, you can fire rockets at it to make it fall down quicker; but otherwise, it will eventually topple over by itself, freeing the ship at its base. Once the ship is free, it will float across the remaining stretch of water and crash into the beach, making a new place for the flag to appear.

Also by this time the storm will be in full effect and the waves in the water will be high and choppy. It makes for some tough travel across the sea as well as trying to hit targets a chore.

Operation Locker 

Once you are inside the prison block, the circular center room on the map called the Panopticon, you can destroy the upper level watch tower by destroying the surrounding lower walls of it. When you destroy each wall with rockets or C4, the large room at the top will come crashing down, crushing anyone who might have been caught under the collapse.

There are also cell doors throughout the level that can be closed and locked from one side, creating a different path for playing needed to take to get from objective to objective. It’s not quite the same levolution as collapsing the center of the map, but it can be a pain when you run up on them to find they are locked and you need to take an alternate route.

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