We now know where Barbie Land would be in the real world - thanks to science

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We now know where Greta Gerwig's Barbie Land would be located in the real world – and science says it wouldn't be California.

"In Barbie, the Moon's orientation places Barbie World between 20 & 40 deg North Latitude on Earth," scientist Neil deGrasse-Tyson tweeted. "Palm trees further constrain latitude between 20 & 30 deg. The Sun & Moon rose & set over the ocean. If it’s in the US, Barbie World lands somewhere in the Florida Keys."

In the spirit of Oppenheimer, deGrasse-Tyson added that there were no Nuclear tests conducted in 1959, the year Barbie was created. There would be nuclear testing every single year from 1960 until 1997, the year Sweetheart Barbie hit shelves.

In the movie, traveling to Barbie Land involves crossing oceans, blasting off on a rocketship, riding a multi-passenger bicycle through a field of tulips, and stopping for a quick (and impossibly chic) camping trip. Because the movie's 'real world' scenes take place in California, one would think Barbie Land existed in some sort of alternate Malibu.

Barbie Land itself was actually built in the Warner Bros. Studios lot in London, England. The gorgeous sky and mountain view surrounding the Dreamhouse is actually a hand-painted backdrop, rather than CGI. Production designer Sarah Greenwood, along with set decorator Katie Spencer, took inspiration from Palm Springs midcentury modernism in order to create Barbie's life-size three-story Dreamhouse – and the California vibes are definitely evident. The construction of Barbie Land also caused a worldwide shortage of pink.

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