Greta Gerwig hasn't ruled out a Barbie sequel: "Listen, anything's possible"

Greta Gerwig
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Barbie director Greta Gerwig says she isn’t ruling out a potential return to Barbie Land in a new interview with the Inside Total Film podcast.

Asked by Total Film if there's potential for a sequel, Gerwig opened up about more Barbie adventures. 

"That's true," she said of the open-ended nature of the movie. "No, listen, anything's possible. I would say today, the main thing I'm focused on is the next 15 days and then I'll see what happens after that."

Gerwig adds, "I will say I loved making it so much. It was such a joyful experience. It was so wonderful. It really allowed us to go in all these different directions and I don't think any other movie would have afforded those opportunities. I mean it was almost like I got to live out my dream of making a 1950s sound-stage musical, which I can't imagine anything else would have been."

The Lady Bird director’s take on the beloved doll sees Barbie (played by Margot Robbie) head to the Real World after a series of things begin to go wrong. Joined, pretty reluctantly, by Ken, the pair begin to find out not everything is as they thought it was.

The film has also been earning rave reviews ahead of its release in theaters. Total Film gave it four stars, calling it "profound, silly, moving, smart, existential and, to use Ken’s word, SUBLIME! (shout this (K)energetically, please)."

For more from the full conversation Gerwig, which goes into detail on Barbie, Ryan’s Gosling’s Kenergy, and Gerwig’s upcoming take on The Chronicles of Narnia, check out the new episode of the Inside Total Film podcast. The latest episode is available on:

Barbie arrives in cinemas on July 21. For more on the latest upcoming movies, check out our guide to 2023 movie release dates

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