Bale hasn't read Bat-script!

It’s a film with such massive expectations... Even though shooting doesn’t kick off for another three months, the web is dripping with juice on Christopher Nolan’s next Batman instalment. The Dark Knight will see Christian Bale back in the cowl after the colossal success of Batman Begins and while every film journo the world over scrabbles for information on the flick, Bale admits that even he hasn’t got a clue what’s in store.

“I have no clue what we're going to be doing and I haven't paid a lot of thought to it,” Bale told “I'll pay a lot of thought to it once Chris sits me down and tells me what he's trying to achieve for the next one. When I sit in the safety vault and read the script being monitored on all sides, then I'll know more and I'll move forward with it from there".

Bale, it seems, is just as sure as the rest of us that Chris Nolan and his Bat-writing team of brother Jonathan and David Goyer, will strike gold, that he’s not even bothered about getting his mitts on any pages.

“I'm truly not thinking about it. I've got total trust in Chris and I have no problem reading the script a week before we start. I'm actually pretty confident.”

The Dark Knight begins filming in February next year and will arrive in cinemas in 2008.