Babylon's Fall beta dates and contents outlined

Babylon's Fall
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The upcoming Babylon's Fall closed beta period has been dated by developer PlatinumGames. 

Over the weekend, Platinum announced dates for the closed beta of Babylon's Fall in Japan, North America, and Europe. The developer revealed that the Japanese portion of the closed beta would be kicking off later this week on July 29, before expanding to North America on August 5, and wrapping up in Europe the following week on August 12.

With each of these beta periods, Babylon's Fall will only be accessible for four hours. The North America beta begins at 6 p.m. PT and wraps up at 10 p.m. PT, while European portion of the beta begins at 6 p.m. BST and ends at 10 p.m. BST. Additionally, this first phase of the beta for Babylon's Fall will only be available through PC.

That's because the beta will eventually be expanding in three phases. The first phase is for PC players, which we've outlined above, and phases two and three bring the beta to the PS4 and PS5, respectively. Although we finally know when the beta for Babylon's Fall will be taking place on PC, we can't say the same right now for the PS4 and PS5 beta periods.

Additionally, the content of the beta will expand with each phase. Platinum stated that the first phase will involve downloading and installing the PC client, registration and account authentication, and server/network tests. This might be the focus of the first beta phase, but it's good to know that it'll eventually be expanding into actual gameplay and more.

Unfortunately, signups for the beta are now closed. PlatinumGames actually stopped accepting signups for the closed beta of Babylon's Fall just earlier this month, which is sure to make it all the more painful for those who missed signing up. Here's hoping there's an open beta for Babylon's Fall somewhere further down the line.

Babylon's Fall resurfaced last month at E3 2021, after dropping off the radar since its unveiling back in 2018. The game was revealed to be a live-service dungeon-crawler, where up to four friends could take on challenging dungeons and foes together. Given Platinum's pedigree for action-orientated games, this is surely one to keep an eye on.

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