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You can get Baby Yoda cradling an Echo Dot for almost half-off, but act fast

(Image credit: Amazon/LucasFilm)

This last-minute deal on an Amazon Echo Dot and Baby Yoda stand is probably the cutest of all the Amazon Prime Day deals, but it's only here for a couple of hours. Get the convenience and control of a 3rd-gen Echo Dot wrapped in the irresistible charm of The Mandalorian's wordless little Yoda, known in the show as The Child.

If you don't already have an Amazon Echo Dot, this is an incredible value. The 3rd gen version typically retails for $40, so you're basically getting a small discount on the device itself and then possibly the coolest stand out there for free. Speaking of which, the stand alone retails for $25. Even if you already have an Echo Dot, you can always pair the extra one up with the first one and spread the music through two ends of your home.

The biggest issue here is that, presumably due to high demand, your order won't ship for around 3-6 months. Amazon says the fastest delivery estimate it can provide right now is between December 4 and 8, which actually makes this the perfect Christmas gift for any Star Wars-loving loved one (or yourself - we're not judging).

In case time is moving as fast for you as it is for me, let me remind you that this deal is only good for another couple of hours at the time of this writing. Amazon Prime Day is almost over, and the next chance you might have at getting this Baby Yoda Echo Dot package is Black Friday, but even then there's no guarantee. Act mighty quick if you can't live without Baby Yoda reading you cooking instructions.

If you'd rather your music be beamed straight to your ears, Apple AirPods are also on sale for Amazon Prime Day.

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