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The best WD BLACK SN850 prices and deals

WD SN850
(Image credit: WD)

The best WD BLACK SN850 prices and deals are going to be in hot demand right now. Western Digital's most premium internal SSD is now primed and ready to become one of the best PS5 SSD options for those looking to expand their console's storage this year; given Sony's recent breaking of cover on M.2 drive support.

The really early bird to get revealed as a bonafide SSD option for PS5 was the Seagate FireCuda 530 - if you're looking for that - you can find the latest Seagate FireCuda 530 prices and deals here.

Now, while we haven't had an official update stating, without any hesitation or doubt, that 'these are the best SSDs for PS5', or anything, we do know that some manufacturers, like WD, are breaking cover enough due to Sony's stated spec list and parameters. As a result, WD has said that the SN850 would fit the bill nicely, given what Sony has outlined. Nice. 

Thus, let's cut to the chase: below you'll find direct-to-retailer links, as well as the latest WD BLACK SN850 prices and deals. This page will automatically update itself wherever you are.

Where to buy WD BLACK SN850 SSDs: retailer list

Another big factor in the SN850 being a top performer for your PS5 is that Mark Cerny himself, PS5 Lead Architect, has shared on social media that this is the drive he has gone for. It feels like he knows what will work best and what might be the best option, so an SN850 deal looks even more attractive now.

Remember, up until now only a PS5 external hard drive was the only extra storage that we could have full confidence in, but now we need to get ready to see a wide range of options come in that are going to blow open the PS5 internal SSD options for PS5 owners going forward. 

However, the big caveat, for now, is that M.2 drive support is only for those signed up to the PS5 software beta program. This means that anyone else who just wants to slide one in won't have any luck with it working. So bear that in mind for use right now - but all looks great for being able to use a WD BLACK SN850 in the future! As a result, here's what out our bargain-hunting tech can currently find at retailers for the best WD BLACK SN850 deals.

PS5 SSD specifics

It's worth noting the key info on SSDs that came from the Sony support page. These are specific bullet points about the size, spec, and make-up of SSDs that will play the nicest with the PS5. Not just any old drive will work or perform the best, so this information will aid any SSD purchase for PS5. The key things are as follows:

  • PCIe Gen4 interface
  • 250GB - 4TB capacity
  • 5,500MB/s read speed or faster
  • 22mm width (do not go for 25mm units)
  • Heatsink recommended

This does mean that a lot of PCIe 4.0 SSDs will fit the bill spec-wise, for sure. But, remember, that's still without any word from Sony themselves about any specially endorsed brands or drives. If you're hesitant at all, still, we'd be inclined to wait to see if there is any word from the horse's mouth.

And yes, while we're going to get used to seeing such SSD drives working in the new PS5 console, the fact that we've got external PS4 SSD options that are SSDs, often providing the best PS4 external hard drive option, means we all know exactly the kind of benefits this is going to offer us. Especially if such M.2 drives are coming straight out of the upper-echelons of best SSD for gaming guides that normally only grace the best gaming PCs and best gaming laptops.

The latest WD BLACK SN850 deals and prices

Seagate FireCuda 530

(Image credit: Seagate)

And just before you finish on this page; here's a reminder of those latest and greatest WD BLACK SN850 prices and deals below.

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