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Watch an exclusive The Devil Inside UK trailer now

The Devil Inside , the exorcism-themed horror that scared up a storm at the US box office, opens in the UK next week, and we’ve got an exclusive UK trailer which you can watch below.

A word of warning: the trailer isn’t for the easily freaked-out. Eschewing the standard format of the movie’s previous trailers, this one focuses purely on the docu-style footage of an underground exorcism, inverted joints and all.

The Devil Inside follows a young woman named Isabella, who’s out to discover the truth behind her mother’s incarceration in a mental institution in Rome. Her efforts see her hiring a couple of exorcists and shakily-handed cameraman in a bid to gather the kind of evidence that the Vatican doesn't want getting out...

Watch the exclusive UK trailer for The Devil Inside below now:


If you think your underpants are made of stern enough stuff, The Devil Inside opens in the UK on 16 March 2012.