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The best Cyber Monday Star Wars gifts in the US and the UK

Cyber Monday is here, and to make sure you stay on top of all the bargains flooding the internet we’ve amassed all the best Star Wars deals in the US and the UK.

QUICK DEAL: Interactive Darth Vader figure, standing a huge 50cm tall, only £24.99 from Argos. SAVE: £95.

Here you can find baking equipment, gifts, clothing, and (of course) toys galore, all themed around that galaxy far, far away. If you’ve got a thirst for some extra geekery, head along to our Cyber Monday gaming deals hub for the cheapest bargains around. 

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Best US Cyber Monday Star Wars gifts

• BB-8 Life-Size LED Floor Lamp: If you need something to literally light up your life, there’s a BB-8 life-size floor lamp that’s a staggering $175 off the original price tag of $349.99, so it's a brilliant $174.99 from ThinkGeek. 

• Death Star Measuring Cups: To keep yourself warm during these winter months why not try baking something whilst making your Star Wars allegiance clear by using these Death Star measuring cups? They’re a steal at $3.75 from ThinkGeek, saving you $10 which can be spent on cake mix. 

• William Shakespeare's The Empire Striketh Back: Bookworms will be overjoyed to hear that you can get a Shakespeare version of Star Wars in his unforgettable, completely genuine play The Empire Striketh Back for $9.99 at ModCloth, 30% off the original price. 

• Millennium Falcon Lightspeed Heat Change Mug: We all need a burst of caffeine to get us going, and watching the lightspeed scene appear on this mug will make you feel like you’re soaring alongside Han and Chewie. Grab it for $10 off, as currently it’s an amazing $9.99 at ThinkGeek.

• Stormtrooper Christmas Sweater: This sweater would keep you warm even on Hoth, and the lack of reindeers and snowflakes means you could get away with wearing it all year round. It’s $47.99 at ThinkGeek, making it 20% off, money which can be spent on feed for your tauntaun. 

• R2-D2 Bowls: To make cereal even more exciting you can eat it out of these R2-D2 bowls (just try to ignore the fact that you’re eating it out of his hollowed metal skull). You get four of them in a pack, and they’re 60% cheaper than usual, they’ll only cost you a teensy $5.99 at ThinkGeek

• I Love You / I Know Rings: For the romantic at heart these rings will be terrific for any impromptu proposals during the festive season, as well as showing your die-hard love for all things Star Wars. Find the Han to your Leia (or the Lando to your Han) and grab these for a fantastic 50% off, making them $9.99 at ThinkGeek

Best UK Cyber Monday Star Wars gifts

• R2-D2 Unisex Christmas Jumper: The festive season is about to hit us like a sledgehammer, so prepare yourself by ditching any knitted wear with christmas trees or snowmen on them, and nab this R2-D2 jumper for £22.99 at Merchoid

• X-Wing Vs Tie Fighter Christmas Jumper: If Droids aren't your style, try on this Star Wars xmas jumper for size, complete with Tie Fighters and X-Wing. What could be more merry? Get festive for £34.99 on Amazon. 

• Star Wars: A New Hope Christmas Baubles: Your tree deserves to feel the festive Star Wars love this holiday season too, y'know. Including C3PO and Darth Vader, you can grab the pack for an excellent £12.99 on Amazon

• App-controlled BB-8 Droid: In case you’ve got fed up with roombas, why not try steering this BB-8 around your house? The robot has an adaptive personality and a mind of its own, meaning that it’ll roll around of its own accord when you're not controlling it with an app on your phone. The adorable droid is an absolute steal at only £89.99 from Amazon(saving you £52), a cheap price to pay for the cute orange sphere.

• The Force Awakens Battle Action Millennium Falcon: Who wouldn’t want to save a huge £60 on a gargantuan Millennium Falcon? Good news: now you can get one for only £59.99 at Tesco, and the starship comes with a Nerf launcher and figures of Chewbacca, Finn, and BB-8. 

• Long Sleeve Darth Vader T-Shirt: Cosplay on the sly with this Darth Vader top which makes you look like you’ve got the same techy panels on your chest as the big bad guy himself. It’s only £13.00 at Asos right now, so grab it while you can.

• Star Wars Christmas Stockings Bundle: Deck the halls with boughs of holly and Star Wars stockings with this festive deal. You can get four stockings for £24.99 from Merchoid, and they come in Chewbacca, BB-8, Darth Vader, and R2-D2 designs, ready to be stuffed with presents. 

Cyber Monday - the best offers

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