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The Batman trailer contains a hidden message from The Riddler and someone’s already deciphered it

(Image credit: DC/Warner Bros)

The Batman dominated the conversation post-DC FanDome, be it reactions to Robert Pattinson’s “I am vengeance” growl or the Zodiac-style vibes permeating throughout the entire trailer. The FanDome first look even featured Riddler taunting The Dark Knight, leaving bodies and maddening puzzlers in his wake.

One dedicated fan decided to take their time deciphering the hidden message Riddler left for Jeffrey Wright’s Jim Gordon and the Caped Crusader.

So, riddle me this: What does the code left by Paul Dano’s The Riddler say in The Batman trailer? Brilliantly, it’s a terrible joke.

“What does a liar do when he’s dead?” The Riddler asks. The answer? “He lies still.” Ha. Ha. Ha. If you'll excuse me, I'm off to go and stitch my sides back up.

The Riddler code in The Batman

(Image credit: DC/Warner Bros.)

Getting to that point, though, was hard work – thanks to the solution being obscured behind a cryptic code jotted into the notebook.

Andrew Lane on Twitter took to uncovering the mystery and handily explained his methods in the replies.

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When trying to brute force it through an educated guess didn’t work (the answer didn’t include “Batman” for example), Lane arrived at the conclusion by substituting some recurring symbols with commonly used letters. World’s Greatest Detective, eat your heart out.

FanDome wasn’t just The Batman’s domain. The Snyder Cut also got its first ever trailer, there was a smattering of behind-the-scenes Suicide Squad footage, a Black Adam reveal, and even an explanation on how the multiverse fits into the DCEU.

The Batman is set for release on October 1, 2021.

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