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Starlink Battle For Atlas for PS4, Xbox and Nintendo Switch is $35 off today only

If you've been intrigued by Ubisoft's Starlink: Battle for Atlas - a science fiction flavored take on the toy-enabled gaming trend - then Amazon's Deal of the Day is just what you need to finally take the plunge. All three versions of the game are just $39.99 today, a 47% -  or respectable $35 - off the usual price. Hurry though, as this deal will be over before Black Friday even begins. 

Starlink Battle For Atlas - PlayStation 4 Starter Edition is $39.99 (save 47%) on Amazon
This starter pack includes the game, a Zenith starship, a Mason Rana Pilot, a Shredder Weapon, a Flamethrower Weapon, a Frost Barrage Weapon, a controller mount, and a poster, all with savings of $35.View Deal

Starlink Battle For Atlas - Xbox One Starter Edition is $39.99 (save 47%) on Amazon
Comes with all the same goodies as the PS4 version, and the same $35 savings. Which leaves more money to spend on extra spaceship toys...View Deal

Starlink Battle for Atlas - Nintendo Switch Starter Edition is $39.99 (save 47%) on Amazon
The same starter pack mix of ship, pilot and weapons, the same $35 off the usual price, plus a nostalgic Star Wolf mission and special guest pilot Fox McCloud and his Arwing. View Deal

The game is designed to let space explorers of all ages live out their engineering and interstellar exploring dreams, giving you the ability to create and customize your own starship by mixing and matching different hulls, wings, and weapons. Our reviewer called the game "joyous fun that should be explored by anyone who as any interest in No Man's Sky, or a more family friendly Destiny," and this deal is the perfect excuse to try it out. 

If it's not what you're looking to cross off your Christmas list, we have plenty more Black Friday 2018 gaming deals for you to check out. 

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