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Star Wars Battlefront is getting more free maps and Star Cards in coming months

The Battle of Jakku is just the beginning of the free stuff coming to Star Wars Battlefront. EA Studios executive vice president Patrick Söderlund confirmed on the game's official blog that DICE will add new maps and loadout-customizing Star Cards for all players in the months ahead.

Battle of Jakku, the only free Star Wars Battlefront DLC announced so far, will add two new maps and a new mode when it rolls out on December 8 (or December 1 if you pre-ordered). Meanwhile, the $50/£40 Star Wars Battlefront season pass will include 16 new maps, four more Heroes and Villains, four extra game modes, a special emote, and 20 pieces of tech like new vehicles and Star Cards.

In other words, if you want to keep your Battlefront experience feeling as fresh as possible, you'll probably still want to buy the Season Pass. But even if you don't, EA's free content plans mean you should find a decent assortment of new stuff to play around with for a while. Battlefield 4 is still getting updates and new map variants for free two years after it came out, so hopefully DICE will have a long-term commitment to Battlefront, too.

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