Star Wars Battlefront: Battle of Jakku's Turning Point puts Imperials on the defensive

Star Wars Battlefront will get more than a new planet when the Battle of Jakku begins. EA and DICE revealed today that Jakku will also host a brand new attack-and-defend mode: Turning Point.

While Walker Assault perpetually has the Rebels on the defensive, Turning Point requires Imperial troops to dig in and hold off a Rebel assault. Rebel troops must begin by capturing one of three points from the Imperials, with each successful capture adding time to the game clock and unlocking new points for the Rebels to take, all the way up to the makeshift Imperial HQ. Capture progress is permanent, so even if an AT-ST trundles along and clears all the Rebels off a point, they can start right back where they left off.

Rebels have access to airspeeders, but they'll want to fly carefully. Debris from the space battle above will frequently come crashing down, including a wrecked Super Star Destroyer. And as Star Wars fans already know, those things are huge. Catch the Jakku gameplay debut on November 30 to see for yourself.

Turning Point will be playable on Jakku when the update rolls out on December 8 (or December 1 if you pre-ordered the game), and more modes will likely arrive as Star Wars Battlefront's Season Pass begins.

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