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Buy RTX 3060 laptops: snag the entry-level 30-series machines for less right now

RTX 3060 laptops
(Image credit: Nvidia)

RTX 3060 laptops mark the 'babies' of the new 30-series laptops that we'll start seeing this year. But don't let that fool anyone: the RTX 3060 laptop range is going to offer never-before-seen levels of generation-on-generation at an unbelievable price point.

While we've seen top contenders for best gaming laptops in recent years cram in high-end gear but maintain an aggressive price point, RTX 3060 laptops are going to tear that playbook with their own ridiculous power-to-price-point mark: you'll be able to buy an RTX 3060 laptops for less than the four-figure mark. This is excellent news, and while it might not be that shiny RTX 3080 inside with its GDDR6X memory, it's still a terrific brand-new 30-series card.

Top gaming machines have always incorporated the latest tech to give us portable powerhouses, but RTX 3060 laptops, and 30-series laptops in general, that we'll see everywhere this year as the new norm will represent a leap in performance, generation-on-generation, that we haven't seen in a while. RTX 3060 laptops, along with RTX 3080 laptops and RTX 3070 laptops, will see performance levels often only reserved for the best gaming PCs - like the ASUS ROG GA15 PC that I use in my setup - come well and truly into the portable sphere; an upgrade to an RTX 3060 laptop or one of its siblings is going to be a move many make this year.

Situating themselves at the entry point of the 30-series laptops, RTX 3060 laptops look the best bang for buck machine in these early days. And it won't be just one of those new cards that'll be bothering the internet's best graphics card lists as you'll likely see a new processor inside your new portable gaming machine as well as a new screen.

And whoever your favorite brands are, we'll see RTX 3060 laptops in all their houses soon enough: Razer laptops, Alienware laptops, and everyone else will offer their own take on RTX 3060 laptops each with their own flourishes. And the good news is that they're appearing already. So we've gathered together some latest prices and retailer quick links to get you going, showing you the latest prices and directing you right where you need to be to start browsing yourself.

The attraction of the RTX 3060 as the entry-point into Nvidia's new generation of video cards is such a delectable one, and knowing you'll be able to get one in cheap gaming laptop price territory is part of the deal. But it's no slouch and it'll still trump some high-end counterparts of the 20-series generation we're still in/just coming out of.  As a result, it might be that stock will fluctuate wildly in these coming weeks, but as we've seen with every hardware launch of recent times, it will be worth persevering and keeping your eye on things just in case retailers add a load of stock without any fanfare - just ask the folks who were lucky enough to buy RTX 3060 Ti graphics cards!

Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060

(Image credit: Nvidia)

If you're looking for the graphics cards themselves, then we wish you the best of luck as they are the rarest of birds right now. The following guides will have you pointing in the right direction, but you currently need more luck than those trying to buy a PS5!

If the top-performing graphics cards have whetted your appetite, then why not browse the best CPU for gaming you can get, as well as the best RAM for gaming.

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