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Red Dead Redemption Stranger mission guide

Like most of Rockstar's sandbox games, there's a wagonful of additional side missions to complete and trinkets to collect. Red Dead Redemption is no different, this time we'll be focusing on the game's Stranger missions, where you help random citizens you meet across the game by doing tasks for them, some more violent than others. The guide aims to be spoiler free, so we'll spare you the gritty details of the mission plots, and just give you the info you need to check all these little adventures off.

From picking flowers to aiding and abetting a cannibal, you're definitely going to have your hands full.

Here you will find the titles of all the Stranger quests, where to go to initiate each one, and minor notes that may prove helpful when you work to complete them. Stranger tasks will frequently present you with choices, which can dramatically affect your fame and honor stats.

NOTE: Sometimes you will not immediately be told where to go to continue a stranger's quest: in such cases, simply wait. Eventually, a marker will appear on the map directing you toward the next event.

Table of Contents:

Page 2
American Appetites
American Lobbyist
Aztec Gold
Deadalus And Son
Page 3
Eva in Peril
Flowers For A Lady
Funny Man
I Know You
Jenny's Faith
Page 4
Let No Man Put Asunder
Lights, Camera, Action
Love Is The Opiate
The Prohibitionist
Page 5
Remember My Family
Water And Honesty
Who Are You To Judge?
The Wronged Woman