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Pull up Siri and say this for a silly Lego Batman Easter egg

Ever wish you had Batman's Batcomputer to do all your chores and calculate incredibly complicated things for you? A Lego Batman Movie Easter egg in Siri (you know, the voice assistant in iPhones and other Apple devices) doesn't quite replicate the Batcomputer's near limitless power, but is good for a few laughs.

Grab the nearest iPhone - with permission if it doesn't belong to you, of course - pull up Siri, and say, "Hey 'puter". As in "computer" minus the "com". Siri will recognize the Lego Batman reference (it's how he addresses his digital assistant) and respond in kind. Here are some of Siri's collected responses, in case you don't want to keep repeating "Hey 'puter" at your phone for several minutes.

Sadly, this does serve as a tragic reminder that I don't actually have a lobster thermidor waiting in my microwave right now. I guess life doesn't imitate art after all...

Directed by Chris McKay and starring Will Arnett, Zach Galifianakis, Rosario Dawson, Ralph Fiennes, and Mariah Carey, The Lego Batman Movie is in theaters now.

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Top image: Warner Bros.

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