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"One of the dumbest episodes I've ever watched" - The internet reacts to The Walking Dead season 8, episode 13

The Walking Dead season 8 continued it's 'slightly above average' quality run with another episode in the back half of this otherwise miserably boring chapter in the show's history so far, as episode 13 - Do Not Send us Astray - saw an attack on Hilltop by The Saviours, now led by an emboldened Simon. 

Was it any good? I didn't hate it, but the internet was rife with reactions and hot takes about every detail of every scene, the best of which I've collected down below for your viewing leisure. Here's all the very best (and worst) Twitter reactions - with spoilers - to The Walking Dead season 8, episode 13. 

Betrayed by AMC

Fans were rightly angered (or relieved) after being misled by reports that this week's episode was two hours longs. Sadly, it turns out that wasn't quite true in the end, since a preview for the network's new show, The Terror, ate up most of the back end of the two hour slot, with little more Walking Dead content than usual. 

Henry: Portrait of a serial killer

Surprise! Turns out Henry's a malicious, bloodthirsty human being who can't walk two feet without looking like he wants to kill everyone around him. Who saw that coming, aye? Funnily enough, longtime viewers aren't impressed with more annoying children for a show that's already had ten too many of them. 

Tara no more? 

Yes, Tara got shot. By Dwight, of all people. But it's exactly because of that reason why many suspect she might be able to survive her way out of this one. Remember, Dwight's still working for the other side...

Some things just don't make sense

As expected, The Saviours went on the attack this episode, but some were questioning how it is that Maggie, Rick, and the rest were so poor at defending their turf, at one point sleeping through an entire zombie outbreak.

Zombie lore

People are trying to make head or tail of the logic and biology behind the process of turning into a zombie, now that this episode shows how easy it can be to infect people with a tainted weapon. Where's the science to back all of this up, AMC?!

To conclude...

This tweet pretty much sums up how everyone's feeling about The Walking Dead right now...

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