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Lego Con revealing new sets in a livestream later this month

Lego Super Mario sets
(Image credit: Lego)

A 'Lego Con' livestream will debut later this month on June 26.

As you can see in the announcement just below, the first ever Lego announcement livestream, dubbed "Lego Con," will be taking place later this month. When the livestream rolls around at 9 a.m. PT/12 p.m. ET/5 p.m. BST, we'll be in for reveals surrounding Lego sets like Star Wars, Harry Potter, Minecraft, and maybe even Super Mario.

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If you're unaware of Mario's foray into Lego territory, Lego and Nintendo originally teamed up for Lego Super Mario all the way last year in March 2020. Since then, the official base Lego Super Mario set launched later in the year in August, bringing Mario, Goombas, and other instantly-recognizable Nintendo characters to the Lego world.

Since then, we've seen a few expansion sets launch for the Lego Super Mario range. In June 2020, Lego revealed that King Boo, Toad, Yoshi, and other Nintendo characters would be making their entrance to the Lego world through new expansion sets. Later on in November, expansions containing Shy Guy, Chain Chomp, and Tanuki Mario were all unveiled, expanding on the base sets again to give users much more content to piece together to create their very own courses.

Earlier this year, Nintendo began teasing the addition of Mario's brother Luigi for the Lego range. Later on, the company revealed that Luigi would finally be making his debut in the Lego world later this year in August, and you can officially purchase Luigi's expansion set from August 1. You'll finally be able to group up Mario with his most trusted companion in just under two months from now.

Could the Lego Con livestream later this month be revealing more Mario-focused Lego sets? It's entirely possible, given the fact that Lego has already expanded on their base Super Mario range a number of times already with new product launches. Personally, we're hoping for Lego Wario and Lego Waluigi to enter the fray, because what's Mario without some big bads to stomp down on?

If you're looking to get cracking on some Lego sets of your own, head over to our full best Lego sets deals guide for the cheapest prices available online.

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