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The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds MaiaMia baby locations guide

Thieves' Town/Swamp Palace/Lorule Castle

Baby #51

There's a small, destroyed house in the southwest corner of Thieves' Town. Lorule's first baby is attached to a wall there.

Baby #52

The next baby is actually in the grass surrounding the Bomb Flower at the Bomb Flower Shop just south of town.

Baby #53

Head to the Rupee Rush game. A baby is attached to the northern cliff wall there.

Baby #54

Now head to the Octoball Derby game. Break up the trio of skulls near the baseball diamond to reveal a baby inside one. Morbid, eh?

Baby #55

This is one is high up on a cliff wall directly south of Octoball Derby. You'll need to use the equivalent rift in Hyrule to reach it.

Baby #56

Head for the Swamp Palace, but stop by the swampy water just north of the dungeon itself. In the deep water here is another baby.

Baby #57

Southeast of the Swamp Palace is a trio of columns with a baby atop. Use a Pegasus Boots charge to knock it loose.

Baby #58

Head directly north to find another baby attached to a cliff wall.

Baby #59

Continue north. Between the Vacant House and the Octoball Derby is this boulder. Lift it to discover a baby beneath.

Baby #60

To the east is the Vacant House itself. Check the ledge behind the house to discover an attached baby.

Baby #61

Head north to Lorule Castle. The first tree to your right has a hidden baby inside. Use a Pegasus Boots charge to reveal it.

Baby #62

This is attached the right wall of the Lorule Castle gate.

Baby #63

Head west to the Blacksmith. This is attached to the left side of the house.

Baby #64

By the Fortune Teller to the north are several boulders. Lift them to discover another baby.

Baby #65

From the Blacksmith, head west to reenter Thieves' Town. Use a Pegasus Boots charge on the first tree you see to pop a baby out from inside its branches.

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