Iron Man 2 and 3 News!

But perhaps most intriguing is his revelation that he’s bought aboard animator Genndy Tartakovsy – the man behind the visually stunning 2D Clone Wars cartoon series – to help storyboard the action sequences.

“What I’m learning – what I’m trying to incorporate – certainly for the action sequences, is more of a pipeline that’s similar to a CGI film like a Pixar film or even [James Cameron’s] Avatar, where you can work on and refine the action stuff before you even begin shooting. And so I was very, very lucky to have gotten somebody to collaborate with me on that stuff and teach me a little bit more of the animation approach to action.

“I had Genndy Tartakovsky. I’ve always liked Samurai Jack and I loved his Clone Wars vignettes. I’ve always liked his work, a lot. And I had met with him, we had lunch together just because I enjoy his stuff and I wanted to meet him. I really dig his sense of humour and his sense of rhythm, and the way that he acknowledges the same cinematic masters that I really love the work of, like Kurosawa and Sergio Leone. And he finds a way to pastiche it without ever undermining the stakes or the reality of the tension that’s created in his action sequences.

“Now clearly his stuff is a bit broad for a live action film but I love his rhythm and his attention to detail. It has a real comic booky feel but yet it feels cinematic and not gimmicky and even his cartoons feel… there’s an elegance to them… He also has a pretty deep knowledge of Marvel. It’s been a very, very fun collaboration so far.”\

Meanwhile, Variety confirms that Robert Downey Jr has signed up for Iron Man 3 and The Avengers.