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Quick! This Nintendo Switch 128 GB SD card is £17.99 on Amazon for just a few more hours

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Chances are, you filled up the memory on you Nintendo Switch about five minutes after buying the device (which only has 32GB internal storage). If you're wanting to download a couple more games, you're in luck. Amazon is selling an officially licensed Nintendo Switch 128 GB SD card for £17.99 on Amazon, offering you a huge saving of £23. But be quick! Cyber Monday ends in just a few hours!

Of course, other SD cards for your Switch are available – and we’ve highlighted another cheap option for you down below too – but there’s nothing like having that warm, fuzzy feeling from getting your hands on an official Nintendo-branded product. Look at the cutesy mushroom! D’aww. Just pop it in your console and you’ll have quadruple the space – for under £20. With Animal Crossing just on the horizon, it’s a perfect time to have some extra leeway for your console. But to reiterate: Monday's almost over. Once that price is gone, it’s gone.

128 GB SD card for Nintendo Switch (Officially Licensed by Nintendo) | £17.99 at Amazon
Supercharge your storage with this officially-licensed Nintendo 128 GB SD card
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If, like me, you worry about needing more room, there’s also a 256 GB option available. Fair warning: it’s the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen, complete with Mario’s iconic invincibility star.

256 GB SD card for Nintendo Switch (Officially Licensed by Nintendo) | £42.99 at Amazon
Get 8x the storage space on top of the Switch's standard 32 GB internal storage with this Mario SD card
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And there's even a Zelda-themed 64 GB SD card. Honestly? This is my favourite design. 45% off – but even the Song of Time won’t get this deal back once it’s gone.

64 GB SD card for Nintendo Switch (Officially Licensed by Nintendo) | £10.99 at Amazon
Conque Hyrule (and beyond) with this ultra-cheap (and amazingly-designed) Zelda SD card
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There are even some non-Nintendo branded Switch SD cards, including 128 GB for £12.99 and 200 GB for £18.99!

128 GB SD card for Nintendo Switch | £12.95 at Amazon
Not fussed about Nintendo designs? The standard 128 GB SD card is under £15 and there isn't a ticking clock to worry aboutView Deal

200 GB SD card for Nintendo Switch | £18.99 at Amazon
For under £20, you can get over 200 GB of extra storage space. Perfect for those who have large digital collections.
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