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Gran Turismo trademark filings point to news at the PS5 Future of Games event

(Image credit: Sony)

 A new Gran Turismo trademark filing has been spotted, and its timing makes it seem like a shoo-in for an upcoming PS5 game.

As spotted on ResetEra, the Argentinian trademark filings were submitted around June 3, just before the original date for the PlayStation Future of Gaming event. Sony has confirmed that it will use the event to show off some of our first looks at PS5 games, so it's a short leap from there to predict that Sony is getting ready to announce a new Gran Turismo for PS5.

The trademarks are simply for "Gran Turismo", without any numbers or subtitles, which implies that Sony and developer Polyphony Digital may plan for the next game in the series to be a reboot. I mean, as much as any game series that doesn't really have a plot could be "rebooted" - maybe it would just be an opportunity to take the Gran Turismo series back to its fundamentals.

Gran Turismo Sport is the most recent game in the series, having hit PS4 in 2017. While it's still a beautiful sight to behold, Sport didn't feel like a full step forward for the franchise even three years ago. Our review from the time called out its "familiar, last-gen feeling" as one of Sport's primary weak points.

The PlayStation Future of Gaming event has not received an official new date since Sony announced its delay, however the company has said a new date is coming "soon". Hopefully the trademark speculation is right and we won't need to wait much longer for a look at the future of Gran Turismo.

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