Fortnite map changes: Wailing Woods replaced by Sunny Steps, Lazy Lagoon and an enormous volcano

The earthquake has happened and an enormous volcano is one of the biggest Fortnite map changes, obliterating Wailing Woods as we know it. As time goes on, each corner of the island in Fortnite is being replaced by different biomes. Jungle is the theme for the Fortnite map changes this time around, completely replacing Wailing Woods.

Watch our video above for all the biggest changes that arrived with Fortnite's eighth season.

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Last season saw the iceberg crash into the south-west corner of the map, covering Greasy Grove in ice and it introduced Happy Hamlet, Frosty Flights and Polar Peak. The season before that brought us the desert biome with Paradise Palms, and now the north-east corner is the focal point. Take a look at all of the detailed Fortnite map changes below including Sunny Steps, Lazy Lagoon, and the return of Risky Reels...?

The volcano has erupted in Wailing Woods

Fortnite Volcano

In what was the bottom left corner of Wailing Woods, a volcano has now sprouted out of the ground like a big discoloured potato. The southern side of it has an enormous crack with lava seeping out, travelling down through the map until it stops just before Dusty Divot. 

Fortnite Lazy Lagoon

We've only had the Lazy Links golf course for a couple of seasons but it's gone already, being replaced by its waterborne cousin, Lazy Lagoon. There's a number of palm trees on sand islands dotted around the water, along with an enormous pirate ship docked at a pier. This makes it the second ship in the game, alongside the viking ship on top of the snowy mountain at the other side of the map.

Sunny Steps is a huge Aztec pyramid

Fortnite Sunny Steps

Further in towards where Wailing Woods used to be is where you'll now find Sunny Steps, an enormous collection of Aztec pyramids coated in bright orange paint. It looks like there's a number of winding paths contained within, similar to the design for Tomato Temple. Behind, a path up the side of the volcano can be seen.

Tomato Temple still exists as an unnamed location

Despite not being marked on the minimap, Tomato Temple is still there near to the original location. Head to the western side of the volcano and you'll find our overlord's rundown temple raised up but otherwise in the same place as before.

The Block has moved to the west

Of course, Epic can't get rid of The Block, so they've moved it to the west, north-east of Pleasant Park. Its the same old Block we've had for the last season, but it's just in a different location. The new area on The Block is an enormous castle which looks freakin' awesome.

Researchers have moved to the jungle

The researchers that were initially investigating the meteor in the middle of Dusty Divot have expanded! While you'll still find some of their base in the middle of Dusty, their research camps are also now found in the jungle around the volcano. Who knows what they're investigating this time.

There's a small spring with numerous Volcanic Vents

Just to the north-east of Lazy Lagoon is a small area with a few ponds and some dead trees. This is where you'll find a number of Volcanic Vents for the weekly challenge though, so head here for a few games and you'll complete it in no time at all.

Haunted Castle has taken a hit

Not too much to note here, but the castle above Haunted Hills is much more damaged than before. Seems like the volcano erupting caused some damage further away than we thought.

The huge animals continue to infiltrate the island

Throughout Fortnite history we've had an enormous fox, llama, crab... now a bunny and pig have have appeared, south of Haunted Hills and east of Lucky Landing respectively. There's nothing too special here, but we're excited to see what comes next. A giant spider, perhaps?

Spawn island is now a jungle

This will undoubtedly be the first change you see when you jump into a game, but the Fortnite lobby island has become very overgrown. It also looks somewhat smaller than it did before, but maybe it's just us...

Pirates have set up camp throughout the island

As part of one of the battle pass challenges for this week, players need to visit all seven pirate camps that have been set up throughout the island. We haven't found them all yet but this is what they look like when you do stumble across them in-game.

There's undoubtedly a few more very minor Fortnite map changes with Season 8, but these are all of the major ones we've found.