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Fortnite Campfire locations: Where to find all of the environmental campfires for a free healing boost

Health is the most important factor for your character in Fortnite, as you face a very clear game over if you completely run out of it - unless you're playing in a group that is, and someone manages to return your Reboot Card to one of the Fortnite Reboot Vans. There are plenty of different items you can consume to keep your health topped up - bandages, medikit, slurp juice, chug jug, cozy campfire, and even spicy Fortnite peppers that provide you with a small health (and speed) boost if you chomp on them. Then there are Fortnite campfires, the environmental campfires you can activate to give 2 health regeneration per second to any nearby players for a period of 25 seconds. Do bear in mind that these foraged campfires can only be used once per match, so if you don't see the interact prompt when you approach and there's just a pile of ash where the wood is normally stacked then someone else has beaten you to it.

Fortnite campfires may not be the best source of health, but if you (or your squad) are in a bind then they can really help you out, especially if you're approaching the endgame and don't have any more healing items in your inventory. Check out the our map below, and we'll show you where to find all of the Fortnite campfires.

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Fortnite Campfire Locations

Click the map image to expand

We've been exploring the island to track down Fortnite campfires, had have marked 40+ known locations on the map above - if you need a closer look, then click on the image to expand it. They're fairly well spread across the map, though there are clusters at the Viking Village near Snobby Shores, and Lonely Lodge if you want a better chance of finding one unused. If you're with a squad in need of healing then make sure you've all gathered round before someone activates the Fortnite campfire, or if you're on your own then consider putting up some protective walls so you don't get sniped while topping up your health!

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