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Flash sale! Save £20 on annual Amazon Prime membership and gorge on Prime TV and Movies

Start your stopwatches, because for the next 24 hours you’ll get £20 off an annual membership to Amazon Prime, bringing it down to £59.99 instead of £79.99. Doing the maths, that makes it £4.99 per month. Not bad at all.

Amazon Prime has a stack of benefits that include unlimited streaming of the best Amazon Prime TV shows, the best Amazon Prime Movies, free two-day shipping for eligible orders on the Amazon website, and free Prime Music subscription so you can groove your way through the winter months! 

If that wasn’t enough for you, you’ll also get a year’s subscription to Twitch, meaning you can watch streams ad-free and a free subscription to the Twitch channel. There’s also access to bonus game content on Twitch and a £2 video game discount on all physical videogame pre-orders sold by Amazon (note: physical copies, not liquid ones, and certainly not gaseous).

With Christmas just around the corner (as the festive music already playing in shops all around the country never ceases to remind me), speedy two-day shipping could give Santa Claus and his reindeer a run for their money. Black Friday also means that shipping might come in handy too. Plus, you can lie happily in a food coma on Christmas day whilst you binge-watch everything on Amazon Prime video (don’t lie, everyone has done that at least once before). 

View this deal: £20 off Amazon Prime Membership for the next 24 hours