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Emile Hirsch joins The Darkest Hour

After we reported last week that Olivia Thirlby had signed up for alien invasion sci-fi The Darkest Hour , it's now been announced that Emile Hirsch has also joined the cast.

Hirsch, who was Golden Globe-nominated for his turn as wandering-teen Chris McCandless in Into The Wild , had a role in Oscar-winning Milk and scored something of a mis-step with Speed Racer , has had a quiet 2009/2010.

He looks to be gearing up for a busier 2011 with Hamlet already announced, and now The Darkest Hour , for director Chris Gorak (Right At Your Door) and producer Timur Bekmambetov.

The plot of the film is a 28 Weeks Later -esque affair, following a group of American tourists in Moscow trying to survive an alien attack - with Hirsch likely to play the leader of the teenagers trying to defeat the invaders.

The film is due to start shooting in Moscow this June.

The Darkest Hour? Or dark days for cinema? Speak!