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Destiny 2 Truth: How to get Truth the Exotic rocket launcher in Destiny 2

The Destiny 2 Truth rocket launcher is the ultimate solution to the question: what if I want to kill something from really far away, and I want it to explode? It's a rocket launcher with three rockets in the chamber, and those rockets have the most aggressive tracking you've ever seen. Its rockets can't literally turn on a dime, but once Truth is locked on, it pretty much doesn't miss. Thankfully, Truth is also fairly easy to get, and we've prepared a guide explaining the whole quest.  

How to start the Destiny 2 Truth quest 

This quest is easy to start: just complete the Menagerie. You'll receive a map when the boss dies. Take this map to Petra Venj in the Dreaming City. She'll tell you to complete the current Ascendant Challenge. Refer to our Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge guide if you don't know which challenge is active. 

This is a good time to point out that you'll need several Tincture of Queensfoil for this quest. You can find these in chests in the Dreaming City, or purchase them for 50 Baryon Bough from Huginn the Skull in the back of Rheasilvia. 

Once you clear the Ascendant Challenge, you'll need to collect and decode four map pieces. At the time of this writing, the quest is bugged and Petra is selling all four map pieces. If you have this option, go for it. Otherwise, read on to find out where to find all four map pieces.

Where to find the Destiny 2 Truth map pieces and how to decrypt them 

The first piece is nearby: loot an Ascendant chest in the Dreaming City. Do this step immediately after completing the Ascendant Challenge to save yourself a Tincture of Queensfoil. You can find a chest in the Bay of Drowned wishes, which is located right behind the landing zone. 

The second piece is super simple: complete a Nightfall strike. The Strike you play and the score you receive don't matter.

The third piece is in the Tangled Shore. From the southern landing zone, head left into the Hive side of town and go into the dungeon where you fought the Mindbender in Forsaken. Follow the linear path until you reach a big Ogre guarded by Acolytes. Kill the Ogre to get the map piece.

The fourth piece is on Nessus. Pop another Tincture of Queensfoil and head to the far left side of the Cistern, past the Well of Flame. Look for some Ascendant platforms over the furthest sea of Vex… milk. Climb up the platforms and open the chest.

Now it's time to decode the map pieces. You need to:

  • Kill 50 enemies on Nessus with rockets while Ascendant (do this immediately after getting the Nessus map piece to save yourself a Tincture) 
  • Kill 100 Hive in the Tangled Shore
  • Complete three Nightfall Strikes and kill 60 enemies in Nightfalls with rockets
  • Turn in a Corsair Badge in the Dreaming City (if you don't have one, kill Scorn to get one, look for a Corsair body in the area it specifies, loot it, kill the boss that spawns, and take the badge to the Corsair base in the middle of Rheasilvia) 

Destiny 2 Truth Strike artifact locations 

Now that you have the map put together, it's time for a custom Strike. Well, technically it's the normal Warden of Nothing Strike in the Tangled Shore, but you need to activate five Exotic artifacts as you play through it. This will spawn platforms at the end of the Strike.

There are more than five artifacts in the Strike, and you only need to activate five between your fireteam, so we'll highlight the easiest five here. You can find other examples in this video from 360GameTV.   

Artifact 1: on a crate past the first group of Vex 

Artifact 2: on top of the leftmost rail line in the third train section

Artifact 3: under the tracks of the third train section

Artifact 4: along the left wall of the Minotaur boss room

Artifact 5: in the back-right corner of the Minotaur boss room

Now you just need to beat the Strike like normal, activate another Tincture of Queensfoil, and jump down the platforms behind the boss arena. You'll find Truth in a chest at the end of the platforms. 

Congratulations! Go spread the Truth. 

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