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Daisy Ridley talks Star Wars: The Last Jedi’s final scenes - the spoilers are strong with this one

Daisy Ridley probably has a checklist as long as a Wookiee’s arm of things she should absolutely never ever mention before the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi release. Top of that list? The ending. So, guess who went and got a bit *too* chatty about Star Wars 8’s final scenes? You guessed it… Probable spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi to follow…

Speaking to Glamour (via, Ridley revealed a little of what happens at the very end of the movie whilst discussing filming alongside the late Carrie Fisher. It’s not too spoiler-y, but you can definitely read between the lines if you so wish.

"The last thing Carrie and I filmed together was emotional for a variety of reasons. It’s the end of the film, and all of this crazy stuff has happened. There’s this moment that we share, and thinking about it now, I realise that it’s going to be really hard to watch. Because it will seem like a goodbye, even though it wasn’t at the time.”

In Ridley’s defence, talking about Carrie Fisher would inevitably lead her to reminiscing about a final moment shared with her – it just happened to be the end of the movie. It all sounds very Star Wars: The Force Awakens too: everyone’s back on safe ground for now (those who survive anyway) and there will surely be a little tease of what comes next. It’s also going to be gut-wrenching to see Leia unknowingly sign off in that scene.

So, if you did want to read between the lines (and here’s where anyone can feel free to depart if they want), Leia and Rey both survive the movie. No mention of Luke, though. A lot of “crazy stuff” happened which, if the pair were emotional, might suggest a death. So be sure to start your conspiracy theories right about now.

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Image: Lucasfilm

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