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Check out the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi images which show Rey and Kylo Ren together (plus, loads more)

With Star Wars: The Last Jedi (opens in new tab)'s release date less than four weeks away - *squeals* - promotion for the new movie is kicking up a gear, starting with the release of some brand new images featuring the main cast.

Exclusive to Entertainment Weekly (opens in new tab), the images mostly just show the characters hanging out and looking super serious about stuff, but one interesting thing to note is that one of the images seems to show Rey in the company of Kylo Ren. Many people (probably correctly) assumed that the trailer which appeared to feature Kylo Ren and Rey talking (opens in new tab) was misdirection on Disney's part (opens in new tab), but this new image perhaps confirms that they do in fact come face to face in Star Wars 8.

Scroll down to see what you think, as well as the rest of the images...

Here's Finn pointing something out to Rose and BB-8:

Laura Dern’s Admiral Amilyn Holdo looks worried...

Behind-the-scenes with director Rian Johnson and Carrie Fisher

Luke looks on as Rey trains...

Rey is obviously becoming more confident with a lightsaber

Poe and Leia are locked in deep conversation:

The Millennium Falcon takes to the skies once again!

That's Kylo Ren behind Rey, right?

Is Kylo Ren having second thoughts about his helmet?

The AT-ATs are back!

And if you want even more Star Wars (because who doesn't?), feast your eyes on EW's covers which show the main cast paired up:

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