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The Clone Club fight back in Orphan Black season 3 teaser: watch now

The third season of BBC America’s exceptional sci-fi thriller, Orphan Black, lands this April and to prepare fans for Clone Club’s return a brand new teaser has arrived online.

Season 2 ended last year as leading clone Sarah discovered that she and her genetic identical sisters had a set of male clone ‘brothers’. Shepherded into existence by fringe research facility The Dyad Institute, both groups face a serious threat from their creators in previously unseen ways...

This new teaser clip showcases series star Tatiana Maslany in several of her various guises. Her phenomenal performance in the first two seasons ranged from the street smart Sarah Manning, uptight soccer mom Alison Hendrix and hippie science geek, Cosima. By the brief snippets offered in this preview, all of the sisters are back in full force.

Orphan Black season 3 will air on BBC America starting April 18, 2015.

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