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Cheap Nintendo Switch bundles - get the latest deals, prices and sales

Cheap Nintendo Switch bundles
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Accessories and games

Cheap Nintendo Switch bundles are in high demand throughout the year, and it can often be tricky to find stock. Especially coming out of a pandemic where they were bought up fast (the console is ideal for those times when you're stuck at home, be it alone or with family). The standard Switch basically disappeared for months on end during 2020, for example.

Luckily, our price-comparison technology is here to help you. In fact, it'll track down the lowest prices from the best stores every 30 minutes. Basically, now is the perfect time to pull the trigger on cheap Nintendo Switch bundles. 

Curious about the difference between Switch consoles? Don't worry, we can explain. Here's what sets them apart:

  • Nintendo Switch (standard): This is the 'full' console experience, and it's the one we'd recommend. Offering detachable controllers that can be shared between two people and a portable screen that allows you to play on TV or in handheld mode, it's perfect for multiplayer and single player games.
  • Nintendo Switch Lite: The new Nintendo Switch Lite is a handheld-only alternative, pitched as an entry-level console for kids or anyone playing on the go. While it's a lot cheaper, it can't be used on TV, doesn't have detachable controllers, and lacks some features like joypad rumble. However, it will still play all the same games.

So, on to the offers. We've got the latest cheap Nintendo Switch bundles below for both the regular Switch and Switch Lite, not to mention the console by itself.

Today's best deals

To make sure you're getting a good deal, it's important to know the base prices of Switch consoles. In the US especially, we're used to seeing some merchants jack up the cost when rivals have sold out. The normal Nintendo Switch MSRP is $299, while the UK RRP is £279. That's the price for the console alone with no extras, mind you. As for the Switch Lite, the US MSRP is $199 and the UK's RRP is set at £199

If you see prices higher than any of these, make sure you're getting something other than the console on its own!

Best US deal

Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition | $299.99 at Amazon
Although this version of the console doesn't include the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game, it's still something of a bargain. That unique design is really quite sweet, and it's also not that common. It's worth considering, anyway.
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Best UK deal

Nintendo Switch Lite + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe | £240 £219 at Currys
This offer is pretty great, all things considered. Although it's on the Switch Lite, you're getting one of the console's best games for £19 (a good sight less than normal). Bundle also available in Grey.
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Best Nintendo Switch bundles - USA

Hunting down cheap Nintendo Switch bundles? We've got some bad news. Unfortunately for us, most US deals are sold out or horrendously over-priced. Seriously, don't buy a switch and a game for $600. It's just not worth that. 

It is worth keeping an eye out or signing up for stock alerts, though. Consoles seem to be coming in regularly and then selling out fast, so being on the ball gives you the best possible chance of securing the system for yourself. And remember, be quick if you see an offer you like. You can be guaranteed it won't hang around for long. Good luck!

Nintendo Switch Lite + 128GB memory card | $235 $225.99 at Amazon
Would you prefer the handheld-only version of the Switch? This console deal is a good place to start, as it gets you the system and a large memory card as well. If you'd prefer, you can also choose between Gray, Turquoise, or Yellow consoles at Amazon.
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Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition | $299.99 at Amazon
There aren't many Switch consoles available right now, so this one - featuring a unique Animal Crossing design - is all the more tempting. Just remember, it doesn't include the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game.
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Best Nintendo Switch bundles - UK

Here's the good news - cheap Nintendo Switch bundles are a little more plentiful in the UK than anywhere else. However, there's a downside; they mostly seem to be Switch Lites, which might not suit everyone.

Nintendo Switch Lite + Animal Crossing: New Horizons | £219 at Currys
Animal Crossing normally costs a lot more than this, so getting it for £19 with the console is an absolute steal. Definitely worth a look (deal is also available in Coral Pink).
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Nintendo Switch Lite + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe | £240 £219 at Currys
There's a lot to love about this Nintendo Switch Lite bundle - not only is it cheap, it gets you Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (which is one of the console's best games) for £19. Offer also available in Grey.
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Nintendo Switch Lite + Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition | £217 £199 at Currys
Minecraft Dungeons may not have been on your wishlist, but hey - you're getting it for free in this bundle. What's not to like? The console costs £199 by itself anyway, so you might as well take advantage of a free game.
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Accessories and games

Nintendo Switch

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Eager to get some extras for your Nintendo Switch? We've gathered up a few essentials right here. For example, you'll find some of the best Nintendo Switch accessories out there right now, be it Nintendo Switch SD cards to the best Nintendo Switch chargers

If you'd like to play some local multiplayer with family or friends, on the other hand, we've also rounded up cheap Nintendo Switch controller deals. Need some more Joy-cons or a Pro controller? This is the place to start.

Finally, we've included a few must-have games that every self-respecting Switch owner should own. For more recommendations, be sure to drop in on these cheap Nintendo Switch game sales.

Looking for something to play? Head over to our cheapest Nintendo Switch game sales roundup.