The best Lego Dimensions packs - From Excalibur Batman to Adventure Time's Marceline, here are the stars of the studs

Sonic the Hedgehog Level Pack

While Sonic appeals to all ages, it’s going to be grown ups that’ll fall hardest for this little rattly box. From the “SEGA” loading screen to the Blue Blur’s jumping sound, TT Games has gone for full ‘90s kid nostalgia and the result is positively tubular, (dude). Just like all level packs, Sonic offers up a lengthy campaign section full of characters like Tails and Shadow, as well as unlocking a full Sonic themed hub world to explore. The level itself is bricky joy. From Greenhill Zone to Labyrinth - which, hilariously, Sonic really doesn’t like - it’s a colourful nostalgia-fest full of hidden areas, complete with tube running bonus rounds. Add in the 28 gold bricks to earn via quests in the hub world and the fact that studs have been magically transformed into tiny rings, and there’s hours of fast-paced fun. 

ET: The Extra Terrestrial Fun Pack

As the world appears to be split into those who are somewhat scared of E.T and those who think he’s adorable, loving this this pack will depend entirely on you being in the latter camp. He has a tiny Lego flower for pity’s sake. Personally I think it’s worth it just to watch E.T pad around and arrive with a cry of ”Home…? Home..” but the Adventure world that’s unlocked is ludicrously beautiful. Everything is here, from the school to E.T’s spaceship in the woods, and it’s a bit like piping the ‘80s straight into your eyes. Plus Phone Home, E.T’s adorable little plastic phone isn’t just a cute build but also a useful gadget that lets you use it for accelerator switches and to call Elliott who zooms in on his bike and dresses E.T in a certain disguise…

Ghostbusters Story Pack

Yet another perfect example of TT Games owning the movie adaptation world, this slice of Ghostbusters action follows the plot of the latest movie with even more humour sprinkled in. Six levels await and, just like Fantastic Beasts, you can give your dimensional portal a full makeover. It’s these little extras that really take Story Packs to the next level and there’s plenty of fun to be found in building Zhu’s Chinese Restaurant and the utterly adorable Ecto-1. The levels themselves are some of the most inventive we’ve seen so far and then there’s the fact that supplied character Abby Yates can actually transform into the other members of the Ghostbusters who each have their own skills. It’s also worth noting that Abby comes in seriously useful in a stack of places across the Dimensions world as she’s the only character with the charge transfer ability. 

Ghostbusters Level Pack

If you just can’t get enough of crossing the streams, the Ghostbusters Level Pack goes back to the original crew and includes a Peter Venkman figure which, just like Abbey Yates, can let you transform into the other jumpsuited members of the team. Buy one, get three virtual Ghostbusters free definitely isn’t a bad deal. The level is probably the best playable version of the original Ghostbusters movie well, ever, and of course features Slimer and an impressive showdown with Gozer. If nothing else could convince you, there’s even a Lego Sigourney Weaver to catch up with. 

The accompanying toys, Ecto-1 and the Ghost Trap, are fun to build and the latter is the only gadget to be able to capture spirits. This only comes in useful in Ghostbusters packs so far but maybe it’ll appear elsewhere. Like all level packs, this opens up a brilliant Ghostbusters world to just let you wander around listening to the original 1984 soundtrack. Who’s afraid of ghosts? I ain’t. 

Harry Potter Team Pack

Three words. Harry. Potter. World. Saving you the thousands it would cost to travel to Universal Studios, this pack unlocks the magical snowy open world Potter sandbox full of fun quests and bricks to find. Whether you’re playing as Harry or He Who Must Not Be Named, you can fly around (Potter on his broom and Voldy on sheer villainy) to take in the glorious sights of London, Hogsmeade and an impressively intimidating Hogwarts, complete with Great Hall. B

oth the Weasley’s Ford Anglia and miniature Hogwarts Express that come with the pack are ridiculously charming to build and scoot around in when you play the game. Plus, if you’re being shrewd, it’s worth noting that Harry is an exceptionally useful character outside of the Wizarding World. With both Diffindo and his Parseltongue ability, he comes in very useful for the Adventure Time Level Pack.

Jurassic World Team Pack

While there are few things more fun than building a Lego velociraptor with legs that can really run and comes with actual miniature claws, the Jurassic World Team Pack manages to slightly disappoint with its hub world offering. It’s nice to wander around the theme park itself but it all just feels a bit empty and soulless which is a shame given TT Games’ brilliant Jurassic Park section in its full Lego game. The characters here aren’t particularly inspiring either - who’s the guy with a stick instead of Bryce Dallas Howard? -  but you do get ride a raptor around and the Gyroscope comes in particularly useful across the grander Dimensions world. Plus in peak Lego nerdery, there is no greater joy than to pop Batman on the back of a velociraptor and ride through Middle Earth. 

Lego Movie Unikitty Fun Pack

The Lego Movie world is already unlocked with the Lego Dimensions starter pack but Unikitty comes in seriously handy across various worlds. The adorable unicorn/feline hybrid is currently one of the few Lego Dimensions characters who can interact with rainbow bricks which means you’ve probably already encountered a stack of bonus bits that you can’t get without building yourself the ultra cute cat. Other than the Rainbow Cannon - an upgraded version of the Cloud Cuckoo Car that comes in the box - only Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time can blow up rainbow bricks so consider this a must buy if you want everything Dimensions has to offer. Her furious alter-ego is a fun addition too. You’ll like her when she’s angry.

Emmet Fun Pack

Everything is awesome when you’ve got Emmet to run around with in Lego Dimensions. The bricktacular star of the Lego Movie, this Emmet figure comes with his very own ‘Emmet Excavator’ which is great fun to build. Again, like Unikitty, you’ll already have the world that’s unlocked by Lego Movie characters but Emmet has the very useful drill ability - also favoured by Adventure Time’s Jake and Bane’s Drill Diver vehicle -  to help you collect some new gold bricks across the galaxy. He’s also just super chipper, even when he dies (he says: “Ow, should have worn my hard hat”) and, like other Lego Movie characters Wyldstyle and Unikitty, can master build to his heart’s content. Awesome indeed.

Scooby Doo Team Pack

Hungry? Time for a Scooby Snack. If the Scooby Doo level of the campaign got you wanting more cartoon fun then this Team Pack unlocks a gorgeously creepy hand-drawn world that you can run around in as both Scooby and Shaggy. The pair are perfectly recreated in Lego as Shaggy trembles holding his torch and Scooby lollops around happily when you aren’t using him for his useful tracking ability. For fans of the series, this world is an absolute joy and there’s the added fun of chowing down on the included Scooby Snack as Scooby or Shaggy to give them Super Strength. In a fun bonus, if you’ve got Gizmo on your team from the Gremlins pack then he’ll transform into a Gremlin when you feed him. It’s always after midnight after all. 

Midway Arcade Level Pack

Another box more swayed towards those that actually buy the bricks but not one to be missed by anyone, the Midway Arcade Level Pack opens up a stack of classic arcade games. While the pretty non-descript Gamer Kid comes with handy super strength, laser, stealth (via drinking a can of invisible cola) and invulnerability skills, the joy here is in the slew of retro classics. Gamer Kid is tasked with fixing the arcade world when all goes awry and you get to play an emulated version of 23 games including Paperboy, Badlands, Blasteroids, Defenders 1 and 2, and Robotron. It’s a weird mash up but somehow just works and you’ll be diving back in for more seriously addictive 80s pixel joy. It also doesn’t hurt that the arcade cabinet is adorable to build.