The best Lego Dimensions packs - From Excalibur Batman to Adventure Time's Marceline, here are the stars of the studs

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Lego Dimensions already has one of the most entertaining campaigns in a Lego game for years but that's only the beginning of the brick-rolling action. There are veritable seas of characters to collect and build, entire worlds to explore and ultra nerdy jokes to chortle at. Whether you want to head to Hogwarts, explore Aperture Science or mind the dinosaurs of Jurassic World, there's far too much to do. Add in all those enticing abilities for 

Plus, if you want to unlock everything that Lego Dimensions has to offer, you’ll need some extra abilities to access those hard to reach gold bricks and that means investing in characters who can give you the most abilities for the least amount of cash. Early tip: Get your hands on Adventure Time's Jake. He's a veritable plastic swiss army knife.  Here are the the very best Lego Dimensions packs and characters so far, and we've listed the the best price for them to make sure you can complete your collection for less. 

Lego Batman Movie Story Pack

Make sure you see the movie first so you don’t spoil the fun here but Lego Batman’s Story Pack is just as hilarious as you would expect. Including Batgirl and literally the most adorable Lego Robin figure you’ve ever seen, this story pack lets you rebuild your portal as the minimalist Batcave before hurtling you through the story of the movie in six levels. 

Once again TT Games has outdone itself with the levels themselves but it’s even built an all new Lego Batman Movie Adventure world to explore and earn bricks in another version of Gotham. Throw in the new Batman ability to fire promotional goods with his merch gun to stun enemies and this is a hilarious and charming addition to the story packs on offer. It might seem expensive but there’s hours of story here before you even get onto the hub world, making it a serious investment of time with plenty to do and unlock. Batarangs at the ready.

Lego Batman Movie Fun Pack

Because why shouldn’t Batman have an enormous sword and a flame eyed steed? This absurd fun pack hands over a plastic version of Excalibur Batman and a horse that I just don’t think is in the movie but TT Games clearly wanted to build anyway. The Bionic Steed is ridiculously fun to build and in game you can bounce sky high as you ride around, which is equally absurd. Excalibur Batman comes with a slick upgraded cloak in real life - oooh soft - but it’s his abilities you’ll probably want him for. 

This Dark Knight can interact with sword switches like Adventure Time’s Jake, vine cut, do stealth, grapple, master build and has super strength, making him a great all rounder for a multitalented team. Most importantly, Excalibur Batman gives you the cheapest access to the Lego Batman Movie adventure world so makes a great investment if you don’t fancy the Story Pack. Plus, did I mention that he has a sword

Mission Impossible Level Pack

You’re already humming the theme song, aren’t you? Goooood. While it might seem an unlikely franchise for the Danish brick treatment, Mission: Impossible somehow fits perfectly into Lego Dimensions with one of the strongest level offerings available. Split across key scenes from the movie, the brilliant level is lengthy with plenty of variation which largely comes down to Ethan Hunt’s impressive array of abilities. 

Chances are that if you’ve spent any time exploring Lego Dimensions you’ll have seen Tom Cruise’s face pop up as you attempt to extricate the odd gold brick. That’s because on top of being an acrobat, Hunt can use tech panels, fuse boxes, blow up silver bricks, use magnetic gloves to climb, interact with drone mazes and scan enemies to turn into them. While some of these are available from other characters such as Doc Brown, the combination here makes Hunt unmissable.

Adventure Time Fun Pack

If you’ve already got the Adventure Time Level and Team Packs then surely Marceline is on your must buy list. It turns out that the Vampire Queen is genuinely one of the most happy making characters to tumble out of a Fun Pack for ages. Armed with her trusty guitar she’ll happily dance away to her own music while idling but isn’t just a pretty face. Marceline can transform into a bat to flap around each level, a dog to go digging for treasures and, like Finn, has the ability to take out Red Demon bricks. 

If that wasn’t enough, she’s also got stealth, tracking, acrobatic abilities and mini access. What’s not to love? Add in her incredible float instead of walking technique and her frankly ridiculous Lunatic Amp vehicle and the Vampire Queen is brilliant. Plus, if you don’t have any Adventure Time packs so far, she’ll give you the direct cheapest access to the Adventure Time hub world and has a stack of the abilities you’ll need. 

Adventure Time Level Pack

Pick an enthusiastic Finn and Jake-ism and you’ll probably end up squee-ing it repeatedly during the lengthy technicolour campaign level that comes with popping Finn on your portal. It wouldn’t be grown up of me just to shout ‘Mathematical!’ but it’s testament to the heady heights of the high quality of Lego Dimensions levels that this manages to raise the bar even higher as you explore the land of OOO. 

Ideally you should pair this up with the Team Pack for full on Adventure Times with the rest of the characters but Jake is in the level itself for some bro time and the Ancient Psychic Tandem War Elephant is an ultra useful vehicle to fly around on, complete with laser powers. Plus Finn’s multiple sword abilities come in handy for taking down vines, decimating Red Demon bricks and he can deflect lasers. He’s also great fun for swinging on ropes and nailing targets with his crossbow. 

Adventure Time Team Pack

A perfect accessory for the mathematical Level Pack or just a different way into the gorgeous Adventure Time world, the Team Pack includes Jake, Lumpy Space Princess, BMO and LSP’s Lumpy Car. While it’s adorable to run around on BMO and the building of the little Game Boy-alike IRL is a lot of fun, you really want this pack for one reason. Jake. This shapeshifting yellow dog might just be your new best Lego friend. Not only does he have the grappling ability, tracking, digging, and rope swings, he’s also got a shapeshift ability. This lets him do sonar switches, turn into a sphere for Gyrosphere switches, have super strength, be a drill, shrink, dive and do drone mazes. Multitalented just isn’t the word. He’s a veritable stretchy Swiss army knife.  

Fantastic Beasts Story Pack

Because who doesn't want a Niffler in their living room? Have all the joys of having a delightful duck-billed mole without any of the jewellery stealing chaos. The Fantastic Beasts Story Pack gives your portal a magical makeover with the intricate MACUSA doorway and hands over six huge new wand waving levels that follow the story of the movie. Like the film itself, the result is downright spectacular and Newt and co hurtle through gorgeous recreations of 1920s New York. When TT Games offers up such genuine and hilarious adaptations, why would you want to play movies in any other form? The Fantastic Beasts free roam world that’s also unlocked has another stack of gold bricks to earn and structures to rebuild, adding plenty of wizarding fun. You’d be Knuts to miss it.  

Fantastic Beasts - Tina Goldstein Fun Pack

If you don’t fancy shelling out for the full Fantastic Beasts story pack, this is the perfect way to experience the beautiful hub world without the hefty price tag. With both Tina Goldstein and the ultra fun to build Swooping Evil, this little pack gives you access to the ridiculously gorgeous 1920s New York sandbox. It’s almost worth it just to fly around as Swooping Evil but if you’re looking for a multitalented character to add to your haul, Tina comes in useful in a stack of situations. Not only does she have the traditional wizard Diffindo spell, she’s also got water spray, stealth, hazard cleaner and comes in handy with her deflection ability.  

Portal 2 Level Pack

If there was one franchise that could draw the gaze of the entire gaming world like Sauron’s Eye, it was always going to be Portal. Somehow TT Games has been allowed to play in Valve’s sandpit and the bricky result is glorious. From the incredible level where you’ll get that much sought after genius feeling as you solve an enjoyably tricky puzzle, to the full Aperture set hub world where GLaDOS herself - Ellen McLain - will chastise you for destroying everything in sight, this is a exceptional mash up. The humour is spot on, Lego figures utterly adorable and the only problem you’ll have is that you’ll want a full game in stud form. Oh, and I’m making a note here, there’s cake. No lie. 

Simpsons Level Pack

If the early section of the full Lego Dimensions campaign felt like an unfair tease of the delights of Springfield, consider this level pack a ticket to the ultimate Simpsons theme park. Complete with can of Buzz Cola - Lego doesn’t do booze -  Homer comes with his iconic car and the referential Taunt-o-Vision gadget for blowing up silver Lego bricks. The level itself revolves around Homer’s hallucinations after he consumes Chief Wiggums’ insanity peppers and is a brilliant slice of Simpsons action with plenty of humour.

Abilities wise, no one really stands out but it’s worth noting though that Homer’s car can be upgraded to the SubmaHomer which does let you destroy silver bricks underwater. As someone who spent hours despairing underwater in the Scooby Doo Adventure World, this isn’t a combo known for its frequency. Add in the intimidating Simpsons sandbox to explore with a stack of gold bricks to earn and you should definitely head down this particular yellow brick road. 

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