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Amazon Prime Video finally adds separate profiles and watchlists for up to six users

(Image credit: Amazon)

In a move bringing it in line with, well, pretty much every other streaming service, Amazon Prime Video is starting to roll out separate profiles and watchlists for multiple users who have access the same account.

How do you do it? As per Amazon’s official guide on setting up separate Amazon Prime Video profiles, you need to go to the Prime Video home page via the Amazon site, then click the “Profile Picker” drop down and press “Add new” to start creating new profiles.

From there, you can also manage profiles by clicking – you guessed it – “Manage Profiles.” That enables you to edit profile names and icons, as well as deleting profiles. That’s especially handy for swatting away exes, distant relatives, and former college roommates you haven’t spoken to in half a decade.

Each profile will have access to a separate watchlist, so no more awkward questions about what you’ve been watching in a midnight binge, nor will anyone be messing up your watch order of Parks & Recreation.

While the new features are supposedly live worldwide, it doesn’t appear to be available in the UK and some other territories as of writing, though US users are able to access separate profiles.

Still, it’s a welcome move for a streaming service that lacked even the most rudimentary features, despite having a library that’s starting to rival even the likes of Netflix in terms of sheer quality.

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