At just $549.99, this LG OLED TV deal is almost too good to miss

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The 2022 LG A2 has always been the go-to for a budget OLED TV deal, but Best Buy's gone and dropped the 48-inch model to a brand new record low price this week. The OLED panel is now available for just $549.99, a full $750 off - an excellent excuse for an upgrade. 

Of course, we haven't seen that $1,299.99 launch price for a long time, but day to day we're used to seeing this set on sale for $649.99. Barring a very brief drop to $599.99 earlier this month, that's where the A2 has stayed - today's early Black Friday TV deals are offering up some of the lowest prices we've seen on OLED Panels to date.

There's just one caveat to this set - and it's not the smaller screen size. If you're after one of the best gaming TVs you might still need to look a little further up the price scale. While you're still getting solid response times and fantastic contrast, the 60Hz refresh rate on this set isn't going to hold up to other 4K 120Hz TVs on the market. Still, very few games can actually make the most of that 120Hz speed and the LG A2 does still pack an HDMI 2.1 port which means you'll be able to draw enough from your PS5 or Xbox Series X if you can live with that slower screen. 

LG A2 48-inch OLED TV | $1,299.99 $549.99 at Best Buy
Save $750 -

LG A2 48-inch OLED TV | $1,299.99 $549.99 at Best Buy
Save $750 - The LG A2 is down at a rock bottom $549.99 record low price at Best Buy, thanks to the retailer's early Black Friday deals this week. We were singing from the rooftops when this set from last year dropped to $599.99 earlier in the month, but that sale price quickly jumped back up to $649.99. Today's offer is the cheapest this 48-inch set has ever been. 

Buy it if: 

✅ You're after a high contrast TV
✅ You want luxury viewing without the cost
✅ You need wide viewing angles

Don't buy it if: 

❌ You want a speedy refresh rate for gaming 

Price Check: Walmart: OOS | Amazon: OOS

Should you buy an OLED TV?

Upgrading to an OLED TV is a big step, but if you've grown tired of standard LED colors and viewing angles it's going to be a worthwhile one. OLED TVs offer a vastly improved experience over a standard LED panel, with deeper color contrasts and a more vibrant picture overall. That's because every pixel works by itself to produce its own light without one massive backlight shining through. That means pixels can turn on and off at will for super deep blacks as well. 

An OLED TV generally improves the experience of gaming as well. The enhanced contrast makes for fantastic gameplay during darker and lighter scenes alike, while the lower response times also make for super fast inputs as well. 

We're getting you prepped for all this year's Black Friday gaming deals. But you can also take a look at the best OLED TVs and best QLED TVs on the market as well. 

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