Army Men: Air Combat Cheats

Army Men: Air Combat Cheats

  • GBA | Submitted by GamesRadar


    To get everything type in:HELMET,SINK,ROKET, PATCH. This code does not have INVICIBLITY hope you like it.

  • GBA | Submitted by tonyhawk612

    Level Passcodes

    On the passcode input screen put:
    Lv2- Box, Cross, Box, Box,
    Lv3- Rocket, Rocket, Rocket, Cross
    Lv4- Patch, Rocket, Box, Box
    Lv5- Cross, Patch, Cross, Rocket
    Lv6- Helmet, Rocket, Patch, Helmet
    Lv7- Box, Cross, Rocket, Cross
    Lv8- Rocket, Patch, Cross, Helmet
    Lv9- Patch, Patch, Rocket, Rocket
    Lv10-Cross, Helmet, Cross, Helmet
    Lv11-Helmet, Patch, Cross, Helmet
    Lv12-Box, Cross, Patch, Patch
    Lv13-Rocket, Cross, Helmet, Helmet
    Lv14-Patch, Cross, Box, Patch
    Lv15-Cross, Box, Patch, Helmet
    Lv16-Helmet, Cross, Rocket, Patch