How to complete the Apex Legends Season 11 Olympus Easter egg

Apex Legends Season 11 Storm Point Bangalore Easter egg orange pod on olympus
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Complete this Apex Legends Season 11 Olympus Easter egg quick, for a new Bangalore stat tracker before the end of Season 10. Season 11 launches next week on November 2, so you’ve not got much time to get things. An orange pod has been in Olympus for some time now, but recently it has been the source for lots of teasers about the upcoming Storm Point map in Season 11. While playing as Bangalore and interacting with the pod, you can unlock a unique set of stat trackers that you can equip to her banner to show off your kills, wins, and total damage as the Legend. Here’s how to complete the Apex Legends Season 11 Bangalore Easter egg and get those Bangalore trackers.

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How to get the Apex Legends Season 11 Bangalore trackers

Apex Legends Season 11 Storm Point Bangalore Easter egg kill tracker

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To get the new Bangalore trackers, you need to complete the Apex Legends Season 11 Olympus Easter egg aboard an orange pod on the map during a Battle Royale match. Before jumping into a match, you must be playing as Bangalore if you want to get the trackers for her after completing the Season 11 teaser Easter egg. Since the pod is found only on Olympus, you obviously need to make sure that the Battle Royale playlist has Olympus as its currently active map.

Furthermore, from our testing, it looks like the Easter egg in the pod can only be activated once per match, and you must be the one to activate the Easter egg too. If someone else activates it before you, you can still listen to the dialogue in the pod, but you will not get the trackers. To maximize your chances of activating the Season 11 Easter egg to get the Bangalore trackers, it is recommended that you queue into the Duos playlist with ‘Fill Teammates’ turned off so that you go in solo.

Apex Legends Season 11 Storm Point Bangalore Easter egg Olympus pod map location

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To complete the Easter egg, you need to head inside the large, round, orange pod close to the northeast corner of Olympus on the east edge of the map. It is east of Gardens and close to the Trident that spawns at the Power Station East landmark.

Apex Legends Season 11 Storm Point Bangalore Easter egg map table

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You need to get inside the pod by heading in any one of the doors and finding the holographic star map table on the top floor. Approach the table and follow the button prompt to track a signal. You’ll then start to hear a scrambled message that repeats, becoming clearer each time until you can eventually understand the whole thing. The holographic map will then change to show the location of the signal which just so happens to be the new Season 11 map, Storm Point.

Apex Legends Season 11 Storm Point Bangalore Easter egg trackers

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Once you’ve heard all the dialogue in the pod, you can quit, die, or win your match to return to lobby and you should be given the exclusive set of trackers for Bangalore to display your total kills, wins, and damage while playing as her. Equip them by selecting Bangalore on the ‘Legends’ tab, navigating over to ‘Banners’, and then finding them under the list of Trackers.

Apex Legends Season 11 Storm Point Bangalore Easter egg Storm Point images in pod

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There are a few other things to look at around the pod while you’re here. Directly behind the map table, there’s a bunk with a laptop on it which you can interact with as Bangalore for some very brief bits of dialogue that give a little insight into Banglore’s past. Nearby on one of the walls, there are three monitors, two of which are showing images of Storm Point while the other is a section of the Storm Point map.

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