How to find the Apex Legends white raven for the Bloodhound quest

Apex Legends Apex Chronicles Bloodhound event white raven in world's edge
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You need to find every Apex Legends white raven if you are to complete the new Bloodhound lore quest. Each chapter of the quest requires you to find one of Bloodhound’s feathered friend across World’s Edge, and we’ve got you covered with this guide. This quest is a type of Apex Legends event that Respawn is trying out called Apex Chronicles. This Bloodhound-themed one, called ‘Old Ways, New Dawn’, explores more of Bloodhound’s past as they track down an injured prowler while lamenting the loss of their family and the destruction of their home. Use the ‘View Story Tracker’ button on the events tab towards the top-right corner of your screen to monitor your progress with the quest.

Completing each chapter of the quest awards Battle Pass stars and finishing the whole quest will grant you some Bloodhound-themed Apex Packs, so it’s definitely worth giving the quest a go if you’re a Bloodhound fan. This quest appears to be available until the end of Season 10, so you have several more weeks to get it done.

How to find the Apex Legends white raven

Apex Legends Apex Chronicles Bloodhound white raven lava siphon location on map

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There are some things to know before you head straight into Apex Legends to find the white raven. Firstly, you must be playing as Bloodhound to complete the quest. You’ll be using their passive tracking ability to find clues and objectives for each chapter. It’s also a good idea to queue into Battle Royale Duos and then remove the ‘Fill Teammates’ option to make sure you go in solo. Your progress is also saved at particular checkpoints, so you don’t even have to complete each chapter in one match.

The first objective in the ‘White Raven’ prologue of the Apex Chronicles Bloodhound quest is to simply find the white raven. Before you get into a match, you need to make sure that you’re queued for a normal, unranked Battle Royale match and that the current map is World’s Edge. The white raven can only be found around the Lava Siphon location that is new to World’s Edge for Season 10.

Apex Legends Apex Chronicles Bloodhound find white raven in lava siphon

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As soon as you load into the dropship, open your map and you’ll see a large yellow ring with a raven icon in the center somewhere around Lava Siphon. While the exact location of the yellow ring changes each match, it is always within Lava Siphon. Head to the ring and explore the area to find the raven. It is usually around the very middle of the ring, right where the raven icon is. When you get near the raven, you’ll be able to see one of Bloodhound’s passive ability tracking icons with a unique raven symbol on it. Head for this and you’ll spot the pale bird perched on the ground. Interact with it to start the next stage of the quest.

White Raven in Chapter 1

How to find the white raven in Chapter 1 ‘Old Ways’

Apex Legends Apex Chronicles Bloodhound tracking prowler footprints

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Now that you’ve found the white raven, you can immediately begin completing chapter 1 of the Apex Chronicles event, called ‘Old Ways’. After you’ve interacted with the white raven, it’ll fly off and reveal prowler footprints that are visible thanks to Bloodhound’s passive tracking ability. All you need to do is follow the trail until you reach the white raven for a second time.

Apex Legends Apex Chronicles Bloodhound finding white raven

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When we did the quest, we found the raven just outside the east corner of the south gondola building in Lava Siphon. The prowler tracks then led us towards The Tree then all the way to the north side of the train station east of Thermal Station where we found the second raven. Every Bloodhound player in a match is given one of several possible routes to follow, so you shouldn’t run into many enemy Bloodhounds also doing the quest. Interact with the raven again and you’ll get a snippet of dialogue as it flies away.

White Raven in Chapter 2

How to find the white raven in Chapter 2 ‘Cold Tracks’

apex legends apex chronicles bloodhound lore quest chapter 2 white raven in landslide hills area

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For Chapter 2 of this Apex Chronicles quest, you need to do more of the same as in the prologue and chapter 1. You’ll need to find a white raven – in a new location range this time – and interact with it to reveal the tracks of the injured prowler. This time the raven can be found somewhere between Skyhook and Landslide. Look for the yellow raven marker on your map and through Bloodhound’s passive ability to track it down.

apex legends apex chronicles bloodhound lore quest chapter 2 white raven in epicenter ice

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After you’ve interacted with the raven, it’ll fly away and reveal the prowler’s tracks. It seems that all these tracks lead towards Epicenter, so it’s likely that you may find a few other Bloodhounds on the trail. When we did this chapter of the quest, the raven was just outside the cave passage that links Skyhook to the hill area north of Landslide, and the tracks led us to some blue containers on the west side of Epicenter for the second raven. Follow your prowler’s tracks until you reach the second raven and interact with it. You’ll get a much longer string of dialogue before it flies away.

White Raven in Chapter 3

How to find the white raven in Chapter 3 ‘Dying Embers’

Apex Legends Apex Chronicles Bloodhound quest white raven 1 in chapter 3

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In Chapter 3 of the quest, you’ll need to do a lot of tracking to find three white ravens. Picking up more or less directly from the previous chapter, the first white raven will be somewhere in Epicenter. When we did this chapter of the quest, the raven was just next to the bridge over lava on the east side of Epicenter. As before, you must interact with the raven to reveal the prowler’s tracks and you need to follow them to get to the raven’s next spot.

Apex Legends Apex Chronicles Bloodhound quest white raven 2 next to campfire in chapter 3

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As you track the prowler to the second white raven, you’ll find it perched next to a small, snow-covered campfire. We got led in and out of Climatizer from to eventually reach this campfire. Now you need to interact with this raven to get the rest of the prowler tracks to show up. These will lead you to a rock wall somewhere in the northeast corner of World’s Edge or around Climatizer that is impossible to climb. You’ll find your final raven somewhere on the ground in front of this wall. Interact with it to unlock the finale which takes place in the Firing Range.

Chapter 4 finale

How to complete Chapter 4 ‘New Dawn’

Apex Legends Apex Chronicles Bloodhound quest chapter 4 finale mission dropship

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Since the rock wall that the prowler climbed is too tall for Bloodhound to climb, you need to use a dropship to get you in position. For the finale of the quest, you need to head into the Firing Range as Bloodhound, go to the aircraft pad towards the back of the range, and use the green control panel to call in a dropship. When the ship arrives, you just need to walk up to it, and you’ll be teleported inside and flown off to World’s Edge.

We won’t spoil the rest of the quest, but there’s nothing complicated left to do. It just involves walking and following a few button prompts. If you played the Broken Ghost quest finale from Season 5 or the Arenas teaser finale from Season 8, you’ll be somewhat familiar with how this goes. Once the finale mission ends, you’ll be put back into the Apex Legends lobby and will be given your three Bloodhound Apex Packs.

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