Animal Crossing New Horizons gets officially-licensed Switch and Switch Lite accessories from Hori

(Image credit: Hori/Nintendo)

Ahead of Animal Crossing New Horizons' March 20 release, Hori has revealed some Animal Crossing-themed merch for the Switch and Switch Lite. Officially licensed by Nintendo, the accessories are only available on Amazon Japan at the moment, but fans around the world can have the whole collection (or any one item) shipped internationally.

The collection includes a multi-compartment Switch case, a Switch case you can strap onto your back, a pouch for your Switch Lite, a Switch Lite semi-hard case, a Switch charging stand, and a tote bag for general use. Unfortunately, just about everything in the collection is showing as "out of stock." You can still pre-order the tote back, which would ship March 31, and I'm hoping to see the other items get more stock soon. I particularly like the sling, with its two pouches and irresistible leaf-shaped zippers.

(Image credit: Hori/Nintendo)

The whole collection sports a level of detail and design aesthetic typical of the manufacturer. Hori is a respected manufacturer of third-party gaming accessories for the PS4, Xbox One, and Switch, with most of their product being officially-licensed. Their Animal Crossing New Horizons collection for the Switch and Switch lite is as cute as the villagers that inhabit New Horizons' island paradise.

Any of the pieces in Hori's Animal Crossing New Horizons Switch collection would be the perfect companion for your next remote island getaway, which thankfully is only a few weeks away now for Animal Crossing fans.

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