Spider-Verse sequel casts Andy Samberg in mystery role

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Actor-comedian Andy Samberg has joined the stacked voice cast of the highly anticipated sequel Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse in a mystery role, with the news being revealed via the Instagram account of his comedy/music group The Lonely Island last night (April 27). On their Instagram story, it was announced that Samberg will star alongside fellow Lonely Island member Jorma Taccone, whose casting was announced last June. 

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Whilst we know that Taccone will provide the voice for a Renaissance-themed variant of iconic comic book villain Adrian Toomes/Vulture, there are currently no clues as to who Samberg will portray, will all the details of his role being kept tightly under wraps.

Now, in a recent interview with Total Film magazine, the directors of the eagerly awaited sequel to Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse teased that there are several secret voice cameos that even the cast don't know about. Could Samberg be one of these but has let loose that he is starring?

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Filmmaker Joaquim Dos Santos let slip that Scarlet Spider, a Spidey clone from his favourite era of the comics, will appear voiced by a great actor. He said: "I can't wait for people to hear who voices him. It still hasn't been released, but I love our Scarlet Spider actor." Co-director Kemp Powers then further teased: "Not even the actors know! Everyone is sworn to secrecy, and they record alone, so most of them are discovering with the public who is in the film they've been making. Their reactions have been pretty hilarious."

Samberg may not be Scarlet Spider though as the director duo then confirmed that numerous unexpected appearances are in store. Powers added: "My favourite cameo is…a secret! But I promise it's gonna blow your eyeballs out the backside of your head."

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Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse opens in cinemas on June 2. This is just a snippet of our interview with the Spider-Verse team in the new issue of Total Film magazine which is on sale now.

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